Caswell, Keller Jr., Isabell Sr. And Powelczyk Take Opening Wins At Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200 Weekend

FULTON, NY – (By Dave Medler) – Well over 200 race cars signed into the Fulton Speedway pits Friday night on night one of the 28th annual Outlaw 200 weekend. When the huge pit area filled up, speedway staff had to open the old drag strip behind turn two to accommodate all the race teams. Over 30 races were run non-stop even though Mother Nature tried her best to stop the action.

On the speedway in feature action, Dale Caswell defended the home turf winning the NAPA Late Model Open. Brewerton Speedway regular Rob Keller Jr. won the highly competitive and entertaining Nationwide insurance IMCA Modified Empire State Series. Jeff Isabell Sr. took top honors in Mod Lite action while Chuck Powelczyk took the win in the Four Cylinder Open.

The SUNY Canton Sportsman teams showed up in force running six heat races and three consolations to get to Saturday’s last chance qualifiers leading up to the $2,500 to win Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Shootout. Heat winners were, Mike Walton, Matt Janczuk, Rocky Warner, Alan Fink, Chris Hulsizer and Tyler Meeks.

New for 2013 on Friday night for the Modifieds were four 15-lap qualifying dashes. The winner of each dash was guaranteed to start no worse than 20th for Saturday’s Outlaw 200. The dashes were well received as 52 out of the 59 cars in the pits ran the dashes. Dash winners were, Jimmy Phelps, Dale Planck, Pat Ward and Vic Coffey.

Canadian Charlie Sandercock would jump from his third starting spot to narrowly lead the opening lap of the of the 25-lap NAPA Late Model Outlaw 200 Weekend Championship.

With 5 laps showing on the scoring tower, Sandercock still led but you could have thrown a blanket over Sandercock, AJ Kingsley and Dale Caswell as they battled for the lead. Behind the lead trio, Alan Fink and Rick Miller stayed within striking distance.

Hooking up on the extreme bottom of the speedway, Fulton Speedway track champion, Dale Caswell would shoot into the lead on lap 7.

At the halfway point, lap 13, Caswell was on rails as he opened about a 15 car advantage on the field. Behind the leader, Sandercock, Kingsley, Miller and Fink ran nose to tail and side by side fighting for top-five spots.

A caution period on lap 19 would take away the lead Caswell had built-up giving the rest of the field 6-laps to try to find a way behind Caswell. When the green came back out, Caswell was the class of the field being the first under the checkers. Second, third and fourth came across the line three-wide in a photo finish. AMB scoring showed it Sandercock, Fink and Kingsley with Miller coming home fifth.

Rob Keller Jr. took the lead on the opening lap of the 25 lap Nationwide Insurance IMCA Modified Empire State Series and then led every lap. The win was anything but easy for Keller as he had to hold off constant late pressure from Mike Wilmot and James Cornell. It was an emotional victory lane for Keller as he remembered back to his favorite moment in racing when his brother Dane won the same race that happened to be the final race his mother ever attended.

Sterling Miller would lead the opening 2-laps of the 20-lap Outlaw 200 Weekend Mod Lite Championship before teammate and car owner Jeff Isabell Sr. would take the top-spot away.

With 10 laps complete, Isabell held a ten-car length advantage over Miller, Canadian invader Paul Klager, while Jeff Sykes and Rick Demo showed in the top-five.

With 10 laps to go, Miller reeled in leader Isabell with Klager right there making it a three-car battle for the lead. One-lap later Miller left the bottom of the speedway and shot around Isabell into the number-one spot. After working on Miller for a few laps, Isabell retook the lead for good on lap 21. Klager would make a last lap pass to finish second with Miller third. Dan Ferguson and Rick Demo would finish fourth and fifth.

Chuck Powelczyk would take his 16 year old VW Rabbit to victory lane as he outran 27 cars in the 20 lap Outlaw 200 Weekend Four-Cylinder Open Championship. The win was anything but easy as he had hold off teammate Stephen Denton for the hard fought win. Wendall Washington, Sam Curcie and Colby Herzog rounded out the top-five.

Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 Weekend Night One Presented by SUNY Canton

(NAPA LATE MODEL OUTLAW WEEKEND 25)- DALE CASWELL, Charlie Sandercock, Alan Fink, AJ Kingsley, Rick Miller, Laslow Hollyfeld, Phil Potts, Ron Davis III, Scott Ford, Caley Weese, Dustin Hanlon, Harry Halliday, Dave Talbot, Brandon Ford, Aron Backus, Steve Coit , Shayne Tenace.

(17 Cars Entered)

Special Awards – $50 Tire Merchants Hard Charger Of The Race – Alan Fink Thomas Video DVD Hard Charger – Alan Fink. Lap-18 $50 From SJF and $20 From Power Seal For The 6TH Place Running Car – Phil Potts. Thanks To Power Seal For Sponsoring  All 25-Laps At $20.

(NATIONWIDE INSURANCE IMCA MODIFIED EMPIRE STATE SERIES 25) – ROB KELLER JR., Mike Wilmot, James Cornell, Matt Jones, Gary Smith, Gary Roberts, Jason Amidon, Dan Searles, Matt Cole, Kevin Cole John Benjamin, Tyler Stoddard, Dane Keller Jr., Billy Ward, Todd Stone, Michael Stoddard, James Walsh, Brandon Carvey, Brad Sites, Kevan Cook, Chris Fleming, Eddie Sites, Matt Roberts, Glen Erwin.

(35 Cars Entered)

(OUTLAW WEEKEND MOD LITE CHAMPIONSHIP 25 ) –  JEFF ISABELL SR., Paul Klager, Sterling Miller, Dan Ferguson, Rick Demo, Mike Mullen, Lowell Zehr, Frank Sobotka, Sam Usborne, Joe Garafolo, Nick Graziano, Josh DeSantis, Jeff Blackburn, Terry Lapham, Zack Babcock, Jim Bogett, Alan Fink, David Brown, Kelly Skinner, Jeff Sykes, Mike Larose, Justin Williams, Gary Jeffries.

(23 Cars Entered)

Thanks To Industrial Tire Of CNY – $250 Winners Bonus – Jeff Isabell Sr..

Thanks To Beaver River Distribution For Paying Every Mod Lite Entered Their $20 Entry Fee.

(OUTLAW WEEKEND FOUR-CYLINDER OPEN 20 – LAPS) – CHUCK POWELCZYK, Stephen Denton, Wendall Washington, Sam Curcie, Colby Herzog, Zak Petrie, Tim Dunn, Justin Pope, Dave Simms, Rich Sanders, William Carista, Dan Dupra, Ray Herzog, William Root, Sam Carista, Jerry Curcie Jr., Kevin Dupra, Jack Taskey, David Denova, Nick Kennedy, Mark Johnston, Greg Large, Skip DeGroff, Justin Buske, Brian Evenden, Donald Rowe, Kenneth Underwood.

(27 Cars Entered)

MODIFIED OUTLAW 200 QUALIFYING DASHES 15 LAPS – Each Dash Winner Guaranteed To Start No Worse Than 20th In The Outlaw 200

(DASH -ONE) – JIMMY PHELPS, Chuck Bower, Chris Hile, Brett Tonkin, Craig VonDohern, Shawn Donath, Chad Phelps, Carey Terrance, Joe August Jr., Jimmy Davis, Doug Manmiller, Jeff Crambo, Tim Schneider, Mitch Gibbs,.

(DASH – TWO) – DALE PLANCK, Tim Fuller, Bob Henry Jr., Mike Mahaney, Tim Sears Jr., Brett Hearn, Ryan Watt, Dave Rauscher, Matt Janczuk, Mike Bowman, Elmo Reckner, Justin Wright, Katelyn Kane, Ty Scott Rood, Rusty Smith.

(DASH – THREE) – PAT WARD, Rob Bellinger, Gary Tomkins, Tom Kinsella, Matt Hulsizer, Craig Hanson, Casey Pavlick, Jim LaRock, Sam Allen, Ryan Phelps, Rich Townsend.

(DASH – FOUR) – VIC COFFEY, Tim McCreadie, Shane Donath, Steve Hulsizer, Jim Mahaney, Dan Vauter, Alan Barker, Jason Rood, George Walker, Chad O’Hara, Steve Cummings, Steve Roberts.


INDUSTRIAL TIRE OF CNY SPORTSMAN SHOOTOUT 50 HEAT RACES – Top Two Qualify. Each Heat Winner Goes To Saturday Redraw. Runner-up in each heat will start in position 13-18 in Saturday’s 50-lap feature. Top-two From Three consolations will start feature in spots 19-24. Top-six from last chance showdown on Saturday will start  25-30 in the feature. Drivers already in Saturday redraw from Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Shootout Series- Beth Schneider, Rocky Warner, Jordan Bennett, Ron Davis III, Jim Spano, Chris Hulsizer.

INDUSTRIAL TIRE OF CNY HEAT RACE BONUSES (PER-HEAT) (1st)$150 (2nd) $100 (3rd) $50

(HEAT- ONE) – MIKE WALTON, Fran Hilton, Jeremy Dygert, Randy Gates, Jamie Cortazar, Gregg Kimball, Wade Chrisman, Shannon Jones, Dave Emmons, Brandon Ford, Greg Martin,

(HEAT – TWO) – MATT JANCZUK, Mike Button, James Friesen, Casey Pavlik, Gregg Carner, Brett Buono, Mike Mariska, George Dyer, Tom Juhl,  Kurtis Hohensceldt, Rob Humphey,

(HEAT – THREE) –  ROCKY WARNER, Jeremy Pitcher, Brad Szvlewski, Bob Buono, Matt Pappa, Coery Barker, Taylor Lamb, Rocco Leone, Hilary Ward, Gary Sampo, Neal Provost.

(HEAT-FOUR) –  ALAN FINK, Joe Kline, Kane Bristol, Connor Cleveland, Brian Pessolano, Nick Krause, Rick McCready, Jim Spano, Ricky Yelle, Nick Rupert, Bill Clark.

(HEAT-FIVE) – Chris Hulsizer, Beth Schneider, Kyle Fink, Rick Donovan, Bailey Groves, Earl Rudy, Brett Draper, Jack Meeks, Tim Murphy, Jordan Bennett, Greg Gould.

(HEAT – SIX) – Tyler Meeks, Chris Herbison, Tony Finch II, James Carlson, Alex Stanton, Jason Occhino, Jamie Cortazar, Gary Hoppins, Ron Davis III, Colton Wilson, Rocky Grosso.

(CONSOLATION – ONE) – KANE BRISTOL, Ricky Yelle, Gregg Kimball, Brian Pessolano, Randy Gates, Nick Krause, Trevor Lindsey, Jack Meeks, Connor Cleveland, Bryan VanTassell, Jeremy Dygert, Wade Chrisman, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Neal Provost III, Brett Draper, Shannon Jones.

(CONSI TWO) – James Friesen, Jack Meeks, Casey Pavlick, Bailey Groves, Brett Buono, Gregg Carner, Earl Rudy, George Dyer, Martin Lessard, Tim Murphy, Gary Sampo, Gary Hoppins, Brandon Ford, Mike Mariska.

(CONSI THREE) – Matt Pappa, Corey Barker, Tony Finch II, Dave Emmons, Bob Buono, Rob Humphrey, Jason Occhino, Rocco Leone, Alex Stanton, James Carlson, Taylor Lamb, Jamie Cortazar, Rocco Leone, Hilary Ward, Tommy Juhl, Nick Rupert.

For all those Sportsman who did not qualify Friday night through the heat’s or consolations, you are eligible to run the Last Chance Showdowns for the Saturday feature.