Catholic Charities Welcomes Parent Educator

FULTON, NY – Andrea Burritt, supervisor of the Parent Education Program at Catholic Charities of Oswego County, announced that Dina Hilts has joined the staff as a parent educator.

The Parent Education Program, which is currently serving more than 50 families throughout Oswego County, provides in-home supportive outreach for families who are at risk of losing their children to foster care or are attempting to reunite with their children.

Dina Hilts
Dina Hilts

Hilts, who is currently pursuing a degree in human services / psychology at Cayuga Community College, previously worked as a nurse at A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital in Fulton.

She is happy to be joining the staff and is looking forward to being a parent educator.

“I love the human services field and I enjoy helping people,” said Hilts.

As a parent educator, Hilts will be working with both parents and their children as she strives to help the family overcome the circumstances they are dealing with.

“My primary goal is to help families stay together and become stronger. I look to accomplish this by teaching them a variety of skills such as effective discipline, good communication, safety in the household, housekeeping, establishing and maintaining a family budget, meal planning and healthy eating choices,” said Hilts.

Hilts will also be involved with teaching the many parenting classes that the program hosts throughout the year.

“These classes are very beneficial as they teach parents effective coping skills for dealing with children who may have behavioral issues. These classes are good for everyone and offer parents reinforcement and positive interaction to let them know that there are resources available to them. Raising children can be very challenging and these classes provide parents with valuable information. I’ve even encouraged my son, who is the father of twins, to attend these classes.”

“I am truly looking forward to working with families and making a difference in their lives. As a mother of one and a grandmother of two, I can say from experience that as you get older you gain a whole different perspective on parenting. You are able to look back and learn from your mistakes and share your experiences with younger parents. Being a parent can be very challenging and I am eager to assist parents in any way I can,” added Hilts.

Burritt is happy to be welcoming Hilts to the staff.

“Dina’s love for the human services field makes her a perfect fit for our program.  Her dedication and her willingness to help others will prove to be very beneficial as she works to help families develop stronger, healthier relationships,” she said.

For more information on Catholic Charities of Oswego County’s Parent Education Program, contact Burritt at 598-3980, via e-mail at [email protected] or visit