Cayuga CC Board of Trustees issues a statement regarding Faculty Association agreement

Cayuga Community College generally does not negotiate through the media with its bargaining units and therefore the college rarely makes statements about the substance of negotiations with its unions.

However, the recent negotiations on financial relief have been the subject of public statements and much public discussion and the college must set the record straight on these issues.

The college approached the Faculty Association and its other unions regarding the financial situation starting in February to discuss the issues and possible solutions.

Ultimately, the college asked each of its unions to consider furlough days to help with the situation.

The Faculty Association received many offers from the college, starting on April 9, in an effort to reach a memorandum of agreement addressing the financial shortfall for this fiscal year.

The association received the college’s final offer on May 9, after weeks of discussions, with the understanding that that offer would be put to a vote on May 10.

The college offer was not put to a vote, but a different memorandum with different elements, including a no layoff date of June 2014, was presented to the college as the association’s counteroffer after the Faculty Association meeting.

The college sought to clarify the offer and it was informed that the association’s offer was the final offer of the association, with repayment of the salary reductions from this year in future wages and a no layoff date of June 2014.

The college could not in good faith commit to an offer that precludes layoffs for the entire academic year and repays the proposed salary reductions in future wage rates.

Although the college will do all in its power to avoid layoffs, they must be available as an option if revenue is insufficient to meet expenses.

The college will address the financial situation as stated during the special Board of Trustees meeting on May 20.