Cayuga CC’s Harlequin Productions Delivers a “Stack of One-Acts” Oct. 27-29, Nov. 3-5

The Cayuga Community College Harlequin Productions will present 10 10-minute plays the weekends of October 27-29 and November 3-5 at the Irene A. Bisgrove Community Theatre, 197 Franklin St., Auburn. The evening of plays begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at the door for $5 general admission and $1 for students.

Comedy and the exploration of a variety of human relationships tie the series of 10-minute shows together, which are all directed by Bob Frame.

“Ten-minute plays are an exciting form of theater where the actors have just a little piece of time to create a character and tell the story,” Frame said. Frame receives new plays from all over the country and chose this collection to challenge his students. “These short pieces give an opportunity for 20 Cayuga students to experience the thrill of creating new work,” he said.

The first play, An Actual Baby Person by Barbara Lindsay, depicts a young pregnant couple “Squishy,” a goth played by Kat Jordan of Auburn, and her husband “Dagger,” a skateboarder played by McCrady Magwood III of Lyons. “Squishy” tries to convince “Dagger” that he needs to grow up in order to be a responsible and loving father to their unborn child.

Santa Watch by Michael Phelan tells the story of two young girls—Patty, played by Rachel Bodner and Mindy, played by Katy Lubaszewski both AHS graduates—who hear noises on Christmas Eve and assume it must be Santa.

Two brothers—played by Joshua Stedge of Auburn and Colin Wentworth of Skaneateles—must find a way to get their mother’s wedding ring on her corpse while dodging their busy-body Aunt Marge, played by Caryl Frame of Skaneateles, in Mom’s Funeral by Michael Phelan.

The action of Barbara Lindsay’s Spinsters unfolds in a women’s restroom where two friends—played by Alicia Frame of Skaneateles and Ciara Hirsch of Auburn—discuss life as single women “on the market.”

The first half of the evening ends with a depressed man, Dylan Thompson of Romulus, ready to jump from a roof, but two women—a sensitive poet by played by Maria Coleman of Port Byron and an insensitive onlooker played by Savonne Crews of Rochester—intervene in George J. Bryjak’s Jump.

The second half opens with a married couple—played by Stedge and Alicia Frame—arguing in Therapy by Bryjak. But the best thing that happens to the couple might be when the marriage counselor, played by Bodner, leaves her office exasperated with the couple.

LaRae Brooks of Syracuse plays a woman trapped under office furniture after a nearby gas explosion; so why does she refuse the assistance of her rescuer? The two rescuers, played by Wentworth and Thomas Constantino of Romulus, will help the story unfold in Squashed by Chris Mackowski.

A man is studying in a coffeshop when he is approached a woman, who thinks that he is the “man of her dreams”. Stephen Hodge of Auburn is the studious 6th grade teacher, while Hirsch plays the amorous dreamer in Cupid’s Beau by Lindsay.

Love in the Fast Lane by Bryjak puts a new twist on the love between a man (Michael Crowe of Romulus) and his car—personified by Crews. Problems arise when the man shows this new car to his date, played by Brooks.

Bryjak’s Going Up? lands “Andy” played by Jon Norton of Union Springs in limbo where an angel, played by Coleman, and a devil, played by Alicia Frame, fight over his soul.

Production staff includes Virginia Fennessy, set designer; Robin Fragoman, lighting designer; Allison Fennessy, costume designer; Caryl Frame, stage manager; and David Thieringer, assistant stage manager.

For more information, contact Bob Frame at [email protected] or 315-294-8640.