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September 23, 2018

Cayuga Community College Announces its Spring 2011 Dean’s List

The following Cayuga Community College students, listed by home town, have been named to the Dean’s List for academic achievement in the Spring 2011 semester. A minimum grade point average of 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 is required for this distinction.

Cayuga Community College is one of 64 accredited institutions that make up the State University of New York (SUNY), the nation’s largest comprehensive system of public higher education. For the Central New York region and for a growing number of distance-learning students around the world, Cayuga provides an affordable gateway to higher education, with courses and degree programs offered at two campuses (Auburn, N.Y., and Fulton, N.Y.) and online.

Bernhards Bay, N.Y.

Robert E. Hoyt

Brewerton, N.Y.

Nicole M. Tritten

Central Square, N.Y.

William R. Cook

Mark J. Havens

Johnny Santiago

Jacob M. Smiedy

Fair Haven, N.Y.

Julie A. Adams

Fulton, N.Y.

Cralynne M. Abbott

Brandon J. Ashby

Beverly S. Aubin

Brian F. Barczewski

Samantha J. Barrows

Patty A. Bawarski

Susan M. Bennett

Geoffrey A. Bertollini

Wendy L. Blake

Jessica L. Brown

Virginia M. Buffett

Faith J. Caster

Connie L. Catherman

Paul S. Chapman

Cassandra A. Chillson

Brandi L. Cooper

David R. Crook

Joel N. Dodge

Melanie A. Dodge

Tracy M. Elkin

Mary Angela D. Fisher

Justin K. Ford

Melissa A. Gibson

Christine E. Hayden

Kevin M. Hayden

Carl R. Huston

Rana E. Huston

Matthew J. Johnston

Sara J. Kiesinger

Garrett M. Kinney

Rebecca E. Knopp

Laura Kolanda

William T. LaBrake

Mariah L. Majeski

Heidi J. Mangiola

Katie L. Mannise

Aimee L. May

Malinda A. McMahon

Shelly L. Nichols

Gordon A. Nodine Jr.

Eric J. Norrison

Cecelia Ostrom

Tina M. Palmitesso

Lucas C. Petty

Leah M. Phillips

Tammy L. Pope

Brice H. Rebeor

Daisy M. Ruiz

Michael B. Russell

Adele V. Sanchez

Kelsey R. Savery

Courtney R. Seymour

Danielle D. Smith

Annastasia M. Thurlow

David M. Turner

John C. Turner Jr.

Shirley A. Wallace

Anthony J. Walrath

Christopher J. Wicks

Michele A. Yanock

James R. Zarichny

Hannibal, N.Y.

Jack S. Beckwith Jr.

Wendy S. Brewster

Brittni N. Crouse

Cailee L. DeWolf

Dalton T. Dillingham

Amanda L. Fellows

Monica M. Kyle

Sara E. Laclair

Kathryn E. Love

Bethany C. McMillen

Jason M. Pease

Pamela M. Pepper

Mary L. Smith

Hastings, N.Y.

Merrill W. House

Lycoming, N.Y.

Genna M. Tripoli

Martville, N.Y.

Heidi L. Donahue

Sarah A. Halstead

Nicholas A. Rice

Mexico, N.Y.

Jordan M. Cottet

Jill M. DeMartino

Lucy L. Hall

Benjamin K. Kellogg

Vilas Mariwalla

Courtney M. McLymond

James A. Ouderkirk

Ashley A. Sherman

Logan M. Wells

Krystal L. Ziegler

Minetto, N.Y.

Erica N. Chetney


Britney I. Helmer

Moravia, N.Y.

Amy S. Beaudin

Brooke N. DeBoer

Adam W. Evans

Scott C. Johnson

Christine A. Kehoe

Bethany C. Nelson

Eileen C. Rose

Kathryn L. Townsend

New Haven, N.Y.

Samantha F. Lucas

North Rose

Penny A. Colvin

Katelyn A. Demay

Oswego, N.Y.

Peggy L. Arter

Brittany A. Barton

Cynthia N. Branham

Anne C. Cali

Jason A. Chase

James D. Coulter

Grant M. Davis

Anne M. Desantis

John M. Fitzsimmons Jr.

Danielle M. Fletcher

Kevin W. Galletta

Stacie J. Gleason

Travis R. Hadley

Alex M. Hall

Lance J. Hall

Tammy L. Hammond

Christina R. Hauswirth

Paul N. Heagerty

Emily A. Knopp

Larissa L. Lazzaro

Candi S. Ledger

Jeffrey D. Lewis

Candy L. Manwaring

Donald E. Nalle Jr.

Mariah L. Pritchard

Danielle C. Roy

Katie L. Sickler

Kevin Stenson

Jaimie D. Stiles

Melanie A. Thamarus

Katelynn E. Vanburen

Whitney E. Vrooman

Dillon R. White

Casey L. Wood

Ann E. Woodard

Parish, N.Y.

Anna N. Leiter

Pennellville, N.Y.

Michael J. Mccann

Zachary I. Parsons

Aaron A. Vanantwerp

Phoenix, N.Y.

Woodrow J. Farmer

Ashley N. Flynn

Angela J. Goulet

Ian M. Renfrew

Hillari M. Sahm

Katie L. Stephenson

Sterling, N.Y.

Amy L. D’Angelo

Nicole M. DeMott

Stephanie A. Frazier

Keely M. Haesaert

Joseph J. Ostrom

Tina M. Patience

West Monroe, N.Y.

Kathleen E. Curley

Wenshuai Hao

Williamstown, N.Y.

Paula J. Gardner

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