CCC Fulton Campus Construction Changes Win Approval

Cayuga County legislators have given Cayuga Community College next-to-final approval for its plans to build a much larger Fulton campus.

Legislators this week approved an increase in the budget for renovating the closed P&C supermarket on Fulton’s south side.

The original $11.23 million plan was revised upwards to $16.1 million.

The increase is due to several factors.  The college will make the renovated space 10,000 square feet larger, adding 10 classrooms to the second floor that will be created within the former grocery store.  Also, the store’s exterior walls will require more renovation than expected.

“I am pleased to know that the legislators recognize that the changes to the original project estimates do not diminish the significant return on taxpayer investment,” College President Daniel P. Larson said.

The revisions now go to the SUNY Board of Trustees for final approval.  The college expected to begin seeking bids for construction work within a month.

The goal is to open the new campus next Fall.