Celebrate the Nativity in a Stable

MINETTO – The Minetto United Methodist Church will host its traditional Christmas Eve Nativity service in the barn at the Greco Family Farm, on December 24, as it has done for the past 29 years.

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Christmas Eve Nativity scene actors this year include (from left) Cailynn Fellows, Marc Fellows and Matthew Fellows.

The service is set for 5 p.m. at the farm, formerly Wadsworth’s, at 297 W. Fifth Street Road.

The tableau of Christ’s birth in a stable will be presented by youth of the church, accompanied by the singing of traditional Christmas carols.

The service of carols and re-enactment of the Nativity will take place in the barn with everyone seated on bales of hay.

All are invited to share in the special celebration of Christmas.

Dress warmly and bring a flashlight.

There is ample off-street parking with church members on site to direct traffic for the service.

The service was written by Rev. Richard Sivers, former pastor of the church, now retired.

Leadership for the event has been provided by Wynnette Dohse, Mary Lou Bjorkman, Jeffrey Rothrock and Mark Greco.

Members of the community are also invited to a traditional candlelight Christmas Eve service at the church at 9 p.m., led by the pastor, Rev. Linda Harris.

The building is fully accessible and is located at the corner of State Route 48 and County Route 8, one block south of the Stewarts Shop, midway between Oswego and Fulton, in the village of Minetto.

For more information about programs and services, call 343-3465 or visit http://www.MinettoUMC.org/.