Celebrating Fun and Red Hats at Bishop’s Commons

OSWEGO – A group of seniors are enjoying great company, good deeds, and lots of fun these days as Residents of Bishop’s Commons recently formed their own “Red Hat Society.”  The group of 12-15 residents have been recently begun to meet and host parties at the Enriched Living Residence under the direction of Activities Coordinator Peg LiVoti.

Pictured are residents Fran Clift and Veronica Federici
Pictured are residents Fran Clift and Veronica Federici

“The group is having a blast meeting with their hats and their mission to simply have fun,” noted LiVoti.

The “society” of mostly ladies, is enjoying each others company, having fun with games, doing some icebreaker activities, and writing cards to friends and family who have been ill.

“The door is open to all,” noted Red Hat member Fran Clift. “Even men, as long as they can have fun!”

The group hasn’t elected officers or done any long-term planning as of yet, but are looking for fun ideas for their meetings, including guest speakers and entertainers.

If you have any ideas to share, contact LiVoti at 349-0799 or visit the St. Luke Family of Caring page on Facebook.