Central Square School District Seeks Nominations for Wall of Distinction

CENTRAL SQUARE – The Central Square School District is asking the community for nominations for this year’s Wall of Distinction.

The CSSD Wall of Distinction was established in spring of 2015, for the purpose of recognizing and honoring graduates and staff members of Central Square School District.

Each year, an advisory committee considers nominated graduates who have achieved a high level of prominence in their personal and/or professional lives and who have participated in extensive community service or volunteer activities for induction to the Wall of Distinction.

Each inductee will have their picture and biography prominently displayed on the Wall of Distinction, which is located at Paul V. Moore High School.

Selection Criteria:
• Candidates for the Wall of Distinction must be recommended by members of the greater school district community including: Hastings, West Monroe, Constantia, Cleveland, Brewerton and Central Square.
• Candidates must have achieved a high level of professionalism, distinction or prominence.
• Candidates must have participated in extensive community service or volunteer activities.
• Candidates must be of sufficient moral character as to represent a positive role model to students in the school district.
• Candidates must have graduated from Paul V. Moore High School or have been employed by the district for at least 20 years.

The nomination form is available online at http://www.cssd.org in the Community Section or at the district office.

Please include information such as candidate’s name, present address if known, approximate year of graduation, the high school from which the candidate graduated, basis for the nomination to the Wall of Distinction.

Please include information regarding their personal or professional achievements and participation in community service or volunteer activities.

The phone number of the candidate or a relative/friend of the candidate who has contact with, or personal knowledge of the whereabouts of, the candidate is needed in order to submit a nomination.

Completed nomination forms can be returned to Pearl Horn in the CSSD Superintendent’s Office, 642 S. Main St., Central Square, NY 13036.

Submissions for nomination must be received by January 20.

If you need any clarification or have any questions, please call Jacques (Jack) E. Monica at 315.668.4352 e-mail at [email protected]