Certified Nurse Midwife Returns To Oswego Hospital, Oswego County OB-GYN

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OSWEGO, NY – Certified Nurse Midwife Diane M. Whaley has returned to Oswego County OB-GYN, P.C. and to the staff of Oswego Hospital’s maternity center.

Whaley comes back to Oswego after gaining high-risk obstetrical training at the Regional Perinatal Center in Syracuse the past three years.

Certified Midwife Diane Whaley has returned to Oswego County OB-GYN, P.C. and to the staff of Oswego Hospital’s maternity center. She is pictured here with a newborn baby in the Oswego Hospital maternity center.She had worked at the local hospital from 1997 to 2005.

Whaley said she was glad to be once again working in her hometown and with local patients.

“The new maternity center is gorgeous and the nursing staff is awesome,” she said. “The obstetricians/gynecologists Dr. Joseph Mather, Dr. Ronald Uva and Dr. Daniel Coty are excellent to work with.”

Since Whaley’s return in May, she has been seeing patients at Oswego County OB-GYN, P.C and delivering babies at the maternity center.

Along with providing obstetrical services to the women of Oswego County in the new maternity center, Whaley said she was looking forward to utilizing the new technology in both the office and hospital settings.

Patient records of the practice are maintained through an electronic medical records system, which links Oswego Hospital with the practice provider’s private offices.

This technology permits critical patient history and visit information to be accessed during delivery.

The hospital maternity center also has a state-of-the-art patient monitoring system that allows the physicians to track the progress of their patients during labor.

The patients are monitored through a secure web program whether the physician is at the office, at home, or in the maternity center.

Diane received her nursing degree from SUNY Canton and her nurse midwifery and nurse practitioner degrees from the University of California at San Francisco.

She has more than 15 years of experience as a Certified Nurse Midwife.

To make an appointment with Whaley, CNM  patients can call Oswego County OB-GYN at either the Oswego office, 343-2590 or the Fulton office at 593-8393, or visit their website at www.ocobgyn.net