Spotlight: KBM Management

With the advent of The Affordable Care Act this year and amid a sea of mixed opinions and new information pertaining to business’s responsibilities, this has been a very busy year for KBM Management’s consultants.

An extensive knowledge and experience with fully insured and self-funded programs, allows KBM Management to provide assistance to businesses of all sizes with respect to all facets of risk management.Brooks WrightFulton resident Brooks Wright, director of new business management, said KBM is his favorite topic.

“Our primary focus is, we consult with employers on employee health benefits, employee health insurance, the traditional benefits an employer would offer – health, dental, vision, group life insurance, group disability,” Wright said.

“We’re constantly putting information out. As information comes out from the government and from the insurance carriers, we disseminate it and spread it out to our clients, let them know what they have to do,” the new business director said. “It is what it is. It’s being implemented. Our clients have to adapt. We give them the information to do so.”

Businesses of different sizes have different guidelines and needs. “A group of 10 employees is different than a group of 100 or a group of 1,000 employees,” Wright said.

And since becoming a member of the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Wright said 40 percent of his business comes from chamber members.

As a business-2-business provider, Wright said KBM Management is a proud supporters of the community, and locally Wright is a youth sports coach.

“The chamber is basically the link, a connection point, between businesses in Fulton and Oswego,” the new business director said.

“We’re a small company, 11 employees. I handle the primary sales and account service for small and medium size businesses as well as some larger businesses,” Wright said.

“We break it up unto a few parts – fully insured groups who simply pay a premium to a carrier and are covered; as you get larger we’ve got groups that are partially self-funded; and we’ve got groups that are completely self-funded.”

Located in Syracuse, he noted that KBM serves over 100 school districts statewide, the County of Oswego, and many large, medium and small businesses in the Fulton and Oswego communities.

Andrew MillerA family owned small business founded in 1986, Wright noted that the company’s roots were developed as the founder worked with some of the largest employers in the area – those with more than two hundred to three hundred employees. “About 12 years ago the company decided to work with employers of all sizes,” Wright said. “At that point Andy Miller came in to the business. He is the son-in-law of the founder and now the owner of KBM Management. He has taken us in the direction of working with all sizes of employers.”

KBM currently serves clients with as few as one employee, to a consortium of school districts with over 9,000 enrollees.

For smaller clients, Wright explained that KBM Management works as a health insurance broker. “Smaller businesses pay health insurance premiums to a carrier which includes a commission. For larger employers, like the county, the company provides its service for a fee.”

In all cases, Wright and his fellow consultants act as an intermediary between employers and insurance companies. “Locally that includes companies like Excellus, MVP, United Health Care, Emblem; and we do have clients across the state,” he said.

On the self-funded side, KBM has groups all over the place and a variety of different administrators to serve them.

nysSome of KBM’s services include Workers’ Compensation Consulting: feasibility study, claim audit, budget development; employee health insurance, fully insured, self insured, claim audit; municipality services, consortiums and trusts, consulting and RFP’s.

Brokerage services include group health, disability, dental, life and COBRA administration.

Any business owner who would like to take advantage of KBM Management’s services can contact Wright via email at [email protected], or visit their website http://kbmmanagement.com for more information.