Change in Federal Policy Integral to New Nuclear Facility

By Assemblyman Will Barclay (R-Pulaski)

Our government’s policies are focused on providing renewable energy at an affordable rate and decreasing our dependence on oil. Though wind and solar are among the first sources people think of for green energy, nuclear is considered a green energy as well because it has zero emissions. Scientists and engineers have figured out ways to harness nuclear’s potential and turn it into an affordable commodity.

Oswego County is no stranger to nuclear energy. Our economy has benefited from the Constellation plants and Fitzpatrick plants for several decades. For the past two years, UniStar has planned to site another nuclear facility—a joint venture between Constellation and EDF Group. Lengthy and costly application processes have been undertaken by UniStar in pursuit of a fourth plant. Several public hearings have also been held concerning this facility.

Unfortunately, it recently became clear that the federal government will not guarantee the loans needed to site the new facility. In short, this means that the current federal administration is not in strong support of nuclear energy. My office and I have been told that without these loan guarantees, which would be issued by the Department of Energy, the project is unable to move forward.

The future of nuclear energy requires legislative support from Congress. Federal loan guarantees would lower the cost of constructing new nuclear reactors by lowering financing costs for the lender. In order for more nuclear facilities to be built, the federal government must recognize the future contribution of nuclear and put it on par with wind and solar. To that end, I have urged our federal delegation, including Sen. Schumer and Sen. Gillibrand, to support nuclear energy by securing federal loan guarantees. Their understanding of the matter is integral to our local economy.

Adding a new facility would create jobs and add revenue to the local tax base, which would help ease property taxes for surrounding residents. Experts estimate a nuclear energy facility adds $20 million annually to state and local tax bases. Thousands of construction jobs and about 400 permanent, well-paid operational jobs would also be created. Approximately $430 million would be spent by the facility for goods, services and labor.

I’ve said in the past that Oswego has the potential to be the energy capitol of the country. Our natural resources lend themselves to such. Already, three of the six reactors in the state reside in Oswego County. We should build on this portfolio and work to create policy that supports this endeavor.

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  1. The mayor had made similar remarks during the Township Committee’s organizational meeting Jan. 1, when he was appointed mayor.

    Noting recent developments concerning the state Department of Environmental Protection requiring the Oyster Creek Generating Station to add cooling towers to its cooling system, Lachawiec said Ocean Township might benefit from that process.

    He said he would like to see another nuclear power plant built on property here. Such a plant would include up-to-date technology with cooling towers, which he said could be leased to Oyster Creek for its system.

    Lachawiec said he thinks the plan could save money for Exelon Nuclear, owner of Oyster Creek, and it could provide revenue for Ocean Township.

    The mayor has stated in recent months that Ocean Township receives no significant economic relief from the Lacey power plant, and he would like to see that change.

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