Why did you change the setup of this site. It is absolutely horrible. Vert hard to figure out. So much blank space I thought there was nothing on it, especially at the beginning. hopefully it doesn’t stay like this for long.

Sondra de masi


  1. To our readers:

    We had to update Oswego County Today for security reasons and we haven’t had a real change in 4 years. I can answer your recent problems. The mobile part of our website is still in development. So smaller screens and older browsers will not display properly at this time.
    If we did not update we would have been open to malicious attacks. Such is the way of the net. Please have patience during this current change.
    We will have a better website for our readers very soon.
    Please keep the comments coming, We are not able to see everybody’s computer to know what is happening. Constructive comments are welcome.

    Happy Halloween!

    Fred Reed
    Vice President
    Dot publishing, Inc.

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