Changing Site of State of County – Disrespectful!

To The Editor:
Going back at least 20 years (maybe even as many as 200+ years) there has never been a State of the County Address given outside the Chambers of the Legislature. It is past protocol and historical which should mean something.

Chairman Shane Broadwell has decided to scrap past protocol and history and move the State of the County Address to Oswego County CiTi in Mexico on Wednesday May 2.

This move by Chairman Broadwell is very disrespectful to protocol and history and a slap in the face to the legislative body.

If he wanted to give it at night for more taxpayers to be present than he should move the legislative meetings to night meetings and give the address at that time, in the Legislative Chambers.

Giving a political address at an educational site is purely out of line.

Educational institutions are for educating not for political speeches.

The State of the County is a political speech.

There may be many reasons as to why he would decide to change the location of the address. But, he is the only one that will be able to answer that.

That decision should have come from a vote of the full legislative body.

Protocol and historical are just words with no meaning from the sounds of it; unless it works in the favor of those in power.

Frank Castiglia Jr. – D – 25th District
Daniel Farfaglia – D – 24th District


  1. I’ll bet if they had it at Fulton City Hall Frank would have been giddy as a school girl.

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