Character assembly recognizes Lanigan Elementary School empathy role models

Lanigan December Empathy Role Models
Empathy role models in the front row, left to right, are: Maya Gugula, Jacob Green, Emma Green, Samantha Moon, Donnivan Bukwoski, Tanner Emmons, Ebony Rosa, Cecelia Furbeck, Jasmine Spurling, and Arianna Dumas. Second row, left to right: Haley Calkins, James Norton, Alex Insel, Justin Salmonsen, Natalie Summerville, Cuinn Burlingham, Jacob Holmes, and Seth Arnold. Pictured with the empathy role models is Principal Briggs.

Students at Lanigan Elementary School were recently recognized for demonstrating the December character trait of the month empathy.

Principal Bob Briggs presented a role model award to one student from each classroom during a school-wide character education assembly in late December.