Children’s Dental Health Month Celebrated At Volney Elementary

VOLNEY – Some of Volney Elementary’s youngest students recently welcomed Dental Health Solutions employees, in celebration of February as Children’s Dental Health Month.

Jack Munger shows his classmates that soda belongs on the “sad tooth” during a game about healthy and unhealthy choices for oral care. The school recently welcomed employees from Dental Health Solutions in Fulton, in recognition of Children’s Dental Health Month.

Kindergartners and first-graders enjoyed dental assistant Serena Draper’s interactive presentation on ways to keep a clean mouth and healthy teeth.

She used several guest actors, hand-picked from the student audience, to demonstrate how healthy food choices, such as apples, are good for helping to clean “sugar bugs” off teeth.

A handful of students disguised as teeth joined the fun as classmates showed how to brush on the tops and sides of teeth before flossing in between the teeth to help avoid tooth decay.

After the hands-on fun, Draper and her colleague Elizabeth Anderson, reviewed with the students the following steps to ensure great oral hygiene: brush teeth twice a day for two minutes, floss teeth daily, eat healthy foods that help clean teeth and make the bones strong, don’t brush too quickly, schedule regular visits to the dentist and drink plenty of water to help wash leftover food off of teeth.

Several students also asked Draper questions related to consequences of unhealthy eating choices and why sugar foods are bad for teeth.

Following the presentation, Draper provided stickers for each student to take home.