Children’s Musical Brings “Kilroy Was Here” to Harborfest

OSWEGO, NY – Each year the crowds at the Children’s Stage are at capacity as the talented youngsters from the Oswego area are in the spotlight in the annual musical.

The cast of “Kilroy Was Here” with directors Bobby Palange and Rocky Farden.
The cast of “Kilroy Was Here” with directors Bobby Palange and Rocky Farden.

This year the play “Kilroy Was Here,” book by Tim Kelly and music and lyrics by Bill Fracoeur, comes to Harborfest.

The show features swing music and dance from the 1940s, and brings a blend of mystery, intrigue, romance, and fun to the stage.

A huge cast of talented children from throughout the area will be featured in this year’s performances.

The production is set in a USO Club during World War II.

The characters are men and women serving in the military, hostesses and entertainers in the club, federal agents and German spies.

Things weren’t looking very good for the United States in the year 1942.

Ships were being torpedoed and lost at sea.

Kilroy and friends set out in search of the security leak – who is telling the enemy where our ships are located?

The musical is under the direction of Bobby Palange and Rocky Farden, with choreography designed by Jessica Goodnough of Creative Dance Studio in Oswego.

Performances will be held under the Family Tent in West Park on July 29 at 4 p.m., July 30 at 11 a.m. and at 2:30 p.m., and on July 31 at 11 a.m.

Below is a complete list of the cast:

Andrew Bornheimer (Kilroy)
David Harvey
Connor Mulcahey
Dan Emmons
Nathaniel Ahart

USO Hostesses
Audrey Hinman
Zeida Olson
Vita Marie Dean
Sydney Frantz
Mya Kinder
Ava Cloonan
Lauren Samson

The Riveters
Mary Bornheimer
Laura Bornheimer
Megan Albright

OSS Agents
Alexandra Reith
Kyra Baker
Justin Atwater

Others on Stage
Morgan Samson (Hermione)
Leah Norton (Tap Dancer)
Ben Norton (Civil Defense Warden)
Liam Hinman (FBI Agent)
Sean Metcalf (FBI Agent)
Donald Austin (Hypnotist)
Dakota Clary (Military Police)
Madelyn Christ (Life Magazine Writer)
Tegan Margrey (Life Magazine Photographer)
Emily Kerst (Woman in Uniform)
Hailey Barbeau (Woman in Uniform)

“Kilroy Was Here” is a Pioneer Drama Production.