Christian Missionaries From Fulton Share Experiences In Bangladesh

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Hilda and Robert Falanga

Ron Arduini, on the left, thanks Hilda and Robert Falanga at a recent Fulton Rotary Club meeting.

The Falangas are missionaries serving a Christian school in Bangladesh. Bob teaches computer science, while Hilda works with the younger children in the lower grades helping them with English.

The Bangladesh feel that their children must learn English, the language that they perceive as the language of business in the world.

Bob and Hilda introduced the Rotarians to the customs and dress of Bangladesh, and a few facts about that country. The population density is over 2,500 per square mile, and the whole country is about the same size as the state of Wisconsin. The area is very hot and moist, so moist that mold covers most of the exterior of the buildings.

Bob and Hilda will return to Bangladesh shortly to set up a computer system in a Christian hospital there. If anyone has any surplus PC’s or would like to donate money towards a new or fairly new PC, please contact Ron at 593-2164 for further information