Christina’s Credits – Spy Is a Laugh Outloud Action Comedy

Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham, is ridiculous fun. McCarthy has the charm of your unspoken thoughts and the personality of your kooky aunt combined.

The dialogue will make you laugh while the action makes you cringe with amusement. I’m aware that’s an oxymoron and I meant what I wrote.

Spy is a likable mock 007 film. Right away, the film establishes that it’s in on the joke, and runs with it.

It’s so funny that I cannot think of any reason why you should not go, though it is rated R, because of fluid explicit language and murder throughout, so plan accordingly.

Instead, I can only think of things you should bring with you when you go.

1.) Depends.
At times, the film will be so comical that you will laugh out loud with such fervor that you will possibly pee your pants. So go prepared with an adult diaper. Don’t feel ashamed, it happens to the best of us.

2.) Friends.
Long after the film is done, you’ll feel the desire to discuss it with someone. I recommend bringing a friend along so your conversation about the film afterward can be two-sided. An equally excited friend is better than an indifferent one.

3.) Tissues.
Aid hysterical laughter tears with facial tissues. That’s a no-brainer.

4.) Pen and paper.
There’s so many incredibly comical scenes, that you cannot possibly remember them on your own.

5.) Mobile phone charger.
Though you’ll have your bffs with you, because I recommended it up above, you will feel compelled to share your love of the film with everyone you know — so make sure your phone is fully charged.

I could go on…

Spy is a five star film. Go see it.

(Christina Scriber contributes entertainment/feature news to Oswego County Today. Please feel free to contact her through the Comments section.)