Christmas Observation held at Lake City Lodge

OSWEGO, NY – On December 8, Masons and members of Commandery held a joint party in observation of Christmas.

Masons from Oswego District were welcomed by Lake City 127 Master James Rizzo.

Burtriss Goodnouth, George A. Reed and Donald J. Berry
From left are: Burtriss Goodnouth, George A. Reed and Donald J. Berry

Commanders William Main, Burtriss Goodnough, the members of commanderies 11 and 32 welcomed Grand Commander Donald J. Berry under an arch of steel.

A covered dish supper augmented with chicken and ham was served to the gathered masons and their ladies.

The meal was a feast fit for a medieval king.

At the conclusion of the feast a series of nine toasts were offered by the Knights 1. to the Grand Master of the Grand Encampment, David Dixon Goodwin; 2. Grand Commander, Donald J. Berry; 3. our nation; 4. the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States; 5 Grand Master of Masons, James Sulllivan; 6. Grand High Priest, Michael T. Dunn; 7. to the Holy Bible; 8. to the banner of our order and; 9. to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Grand Commander Donald J. Berry then offered a toast reflecting of the meaning of Christmas reminding us that “Jesus came to us not how he came.

He came to save mankind from sin.

SK and Rev. George A. Reed was awarded a medal from Grand Encampment for recruiting new members.