CiTi Cosmetology Students Learn From Hair Restoration Specialist

MEXICO – Cosmetology students at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation were recently visited by Kristin Galeazzi, owner of Profiles by Kristin in Syracuse.

CiTi Cosmetology students visit with Kristin Galeazzi (center), owner of Profiles By Kristin, specializing in medically related hair loss.

She specializes in medical hair loss and restoration.

Galeazzi demonstrated some of the equipment her business uses to examine the scalp and hair follicles of clients to determine the best course of action for treatment.

The presentation reinforced biological concepts the students are currently learning in class such as the stages of hair growth.

As she shared how different medical conditions can affect hair thinning and loss, Galeazzi indicated how important empathy is.

“Hair loss associated with a medical condition can be a very emotional thing for clients, so having empathy is an important aspect of the business,” said Galeazzi.

The students learned about a range of hair loss solutions including hair additions and extensions, medical prosthetics and hair loss treatments for men, women and children.