CiTi Full-day Regional Technical High School Coming to Oswego County

MEXICO – At the request of its nine component school districts, the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation will unveil a full-day regional technical high school this fall.

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At the request of its component school districts, CiTi will unveil a full-day regional technical high school this fall, housed at its Mexico campus.

The traditional half-day CTE model will still exist, but the new regional technical high school option will offer innovative instruction to ninth through 12th grade students in a non-traditional education setting.

Students will have to apply for the program, where they will be able to pursue multiple CTE courses during their high school career, some with industry credentials and college credits offered.

“By accelerating student academic work and education requirements, students will have a fuller and more meaningful senior year through hands-on internships or early college,” said CiTi Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Roseann Bayne.

Taught by NYS certified educators, the rigorous, semester-block program will combine all of the required diploma exit requirements and CTE curriculum, including Regents exams.

The full-day regional technical high school will also feature the following new credit-bearing options: art, chorus, physics, biology, English Language Arts (9-12), social studies (9-12), math (9-12), engineering and foreign language.

Spending the full school day at CiTi will eliminate back and forth transportation time, allowing students to focus on learning career skills and earning graduation requirements, so that their senior year can be dedicated to internships, job shadowing and real-life experiences.

“The regional technical high school is designed for career-minded students,” said CTE Principal Marla Berlin. “Every schedule will be tailored to their individual, specific needs, and provide them with more opportunities to succeed in careers and college.”

Students who attend will still be able to participate in all of the extracurricular activities in their home district, such as sports, clubs, prom and homecoming, and they will still earn their graduation certificate with all of their peers at their home district graduation ceremony.

For students unsure of their career path, a Campus Explore option will allow them to explore all of the programs before making a decision. Students can also take advantage of mini module certificate courses such as babysitting, CPR, driver’s education and more.

Further enhancements to CiTi Career and Technical Education include a new computer coding class offered this fall, as well as an expansion to the culinary program to encompass first-year and second-year classes.

Students and parents interested in any career and technical education offerings through CiTi should talk with their home school guidance counselor.