CiTi Students Donate to Mexico Food Pantry

MEXICO – Student Senate at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation completed a campus-wide food drive in December.

CiTi students and staff stand with items brought in for donation to the Mexico Food Pantry.

Classes competed against one another to donate the most, Public Safety and Justice donated the highest amount out of the career and technical education classes with 435 items, and Mrs. Carney’s STRIVE class took the lead of exceptional and alternative programs by donating 301 items.

The entire CiTi Mexico campus donated more than 1,300 food items in total.

“Students were motivated to donate by the competition against each class. Every donation helps a family in need!” said English teacher Savanah Zohler, who co-advised the month-long donation with Guidance Counselor Ryan Warner.

Donations brought in by students went to the Mexico Food Pantry to help families in need over the holidays.