CiTi Students Earn Membership into National Technical Honor Society

MEXICO – Hard work, commitment, character and academic success were in focus recently as 140 Oswego County students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.

Second-year members of the National Technical Honor Society at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation gather for a photo after the recent induction ceremony.
Second-year members of the National Technical Honor Society at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation gather for a photo after the recent induction ceremony.

The honorees, all Career and Technical Education students at CiTi, achieved high marks in the classroom and exhibited tremendous character to meet the eligibility requirements for membership.

“The first and second-year inductees here tonight have proven they possess and demonstrate skill, scholarship, honesty, responsibility, service, leadership and citizenship,” said Public Safety and Justice student Brenna O’Neil.

In addition to those seven attributes, the inductees met other eligibility criteria, which include maintaining a 90 percent or higher average in their Career and Technical Education class and maintaining good academic standing and attendance in their home district.

“With determination and perseverance comes success,” said Marla Berlin, principal of Career and Technical Education at CiTi. “This is truly a celebration of success, and I’d like to congratulate you on your accomplishments.”

Although the students were the ones inducted into the honor society, the inductees noted that their success was a team effort. CiTi teachers and administrators, home district personnel and family support were all driving forces behind the students’ accomplishments, according to second-year student CodiAnne Salzman who found her niche in the Early Childhood Education program.

“The past two years have been absolutely wonderful,” she said. “I’ve learned so much – lessons how to be a better person, lessons about life. I’m so thankful that CiTi helped me realize my dream.”

CiTi District Superintendent Christopher Todd also spoke about the importance of pursuing your dreams.

He encouraged students to explore a subject that they are passionate about.

“Find something that you like and something that you’re good at,” he said. “If you combine those two things, that leads to a pretty bright future.”

That recipe has been a winner for Pulaski senior and CiTi student Hunter Hilton, who was presented with a $1,000 Jon H. Poteat scholarship during the induction ceremony.

Hilton is the first CiTi student to receive the scholarship, which recognizes honor society students who consistently exemplify the seven character attributes of the organization.

Following the scholarship presentation and candle lighting ceremony, the award recipients were recognized with certificates, pins, honor cords and medallions. The inductees also recited the NTHS pledge of membership.

Inductees include:

Trevor Allard, Mackenzie Auclair-Judware, Michael Backman, McKenna Bahner*, Johnna Ball, Gary Baumbach Jr.*, Khrysha Bednar*, Mariah Betts, Tyler Bliss*, Kyle Bogart*, Destiny Boiko, Kara Bricker, Karli Bricker, Shelby Buffham, Zachary Bush, Mary Buske, Olivia Cacchione, Makayla Carson*, Samantha Caskinette, Gabriela Castiglia, Sarah Cherchio, Meredith Chesare, Kourtney Clark, Jacob Cornell, Kevin Cronk*, Kristen D’Angelo, Rachel Dean, Adam Dennison, Hollie Doyle*, Hailey Dunsmoor*, Michael Edwards, Isaac Eisch, Madolyn Engle, Alyssa Facteau, Nicole Fisch, Daniel Foland, Gabryel Fortino*, Jacklyn Foster*, Brooke Fralick, Benjamin Frymoyer*,

Erica Gardner-Tonnessen, Stephen Geers, Kellie Gorman, Hunter Gowans, Kristopher Grow, Jacob Guernsey, Alicia Guzman, Katherine Hanson, Ashley Hatten*, Rachel Herrmann, Crystal Heywood, Joshua Hill, Hunter Hilton*, Karley Hilton*, Cassidy Hoffman, Ezra Hulbert, Samantha Ingersoll, Quinton Jackson, Mariah Johnson*, Jamie Johnson Jr., Sydnee Julian, Jennafer Kennedy, Spencer Kenney, Julie Keytack, Lena Kimball, Katherine Knopp, Ty Kranz*, Titania Ladd, Aleah LaFlamme*, Steven Larkin*, Jasmine Lastra, Jeffrey Lawson*, Shawn Layton*, Jason Leon*, Kaitlyn Linerode, John Loura*, Kendyl Lutz, Marc Maestri, Jordan McCauley, Kaleb McGill, Susan McRae, Jacob McRaney, Shanell Meyers, Alicia Midlar, Gianna Migliaccio*, Tyler Mitchell, Austin John Monson, Desteny Moore*, Trever Morrell, Alexandra Mueller*, Erik Muench*, Emily Mullen, Tracie Murphy*, Jessie Murray, Cody Myers,

Brendan Nichols, Giuseppe Nozzolillo, Meagan Oakes*, Brenna O’Neil*, Gage Parkhurst*, Travis Parkhurst, Thomas Paronett, Kaeleigh Paternoster, Kylie Pelkey, Amanda Picciott, Collin Pomerville-Miller, Alexander Poyneer, Emily Prell, Cheyenne Ransier, Kayla Richards*, Garet Roik, Lindsay Rollson*, Leah Ruggaber, Amanda Ryan*, Brooke Ryan, CodiAnne Salzman*, Logan Scott, Zachary Scribner, Tyler Seoane, Nathan Sims, Allison Smith, Antonio Smith, Eric Smith, Alissa Stopa, Joshua Stopher, Bryannia Sutton, Robert Swan*, Jackson Truong, Kendra Tryniski, Jordan Twiss, Rebecca Victory, Kenna Wallace, Anthony Wetzel, Lindsey Wheeler, Jessica Williams, Timothy Woodard, Bradley Wyman, Ryan Yerdon, Jennifer Young* and Caleb Zehr*.

*Indicates second-year members