Citizen Soldier from Oswego Extends Service to State and Nation

LATHAM, NY — Maj. Gen. Joseph J. Taluto, The Adjutant General, announces the recent reenlistment of members of the New York Army National Guard in recognition of their continuing commitment to serve community, state and nation as part of the Army National Guard.

Master Sergeant David Evans from Oswego, NY has reenlisted to continue service with the 102 Maintenance Company.

“I’m especially proud to say that the New York Army National Guard and New York Air National Guard have both reached full strength,” Taluto said in remarks to the force.

“This is something many have never thought possible in their careers and still we continue to grow,” Taluto said.

The New York Army National Guard exceeded 100 percent of its authorized strength in Dec. 2008 and is on track to meet its year-end strength goal at the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

“As our force increases in strength, we are able to retain or even add more structure to better meet both state and federal missions. We are well postured for our role in state and national defense,” Taluto said.

This is the first time since the Vietnam War era that the New York Army National Guard has been at 100 percent strength. This is due to a combination of aggtressive recruiting and the retention of the experienced veteran Soldiers of the force.

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