City Changes Parking Around Former Nestle Plant

There’s no one working in the former Nestle chocolate plant, so there’s no need for the parking restrictions around the plant, according to city of Fulton officials.

This week, lawmakers approved the elimination of 30 minute parking restrictions and a no-stopping order on Fay St., which runs along the front entrance of the closed plant, and 2 hour restrictions on a block of Lyons St. and several blocks of S. Fifth St.

“When Nestle was operating, they asked us to enforce the parking,” said Mayor Ron Woodward.  The 30 minute parking made it possible for Nestle’s customers and visitors to find a convenient place to park, he said.

The plant is being marketed. Most recently, the city proposed it as a possible site for the relocated Cayuga Community College campus.

The only other action taken by lawmakers at their meeting this week was to approve seeking bids for a piece of equipment for the city’s waste water treatment plant.  One of the plant’s three basins for allowing waste to settle is shut down because a chain is broken.  The bid seeks to replace the chain.

The meeting was extraordinarily brief — just 10 minutes long with the two items, the approval of minutes of the last meeting and the acceptance of the City Clerk’s report.

Woodward explained that he would have canceled the meeting but the City Charter requires that the first meeting of the month be held.