City Considering Means To Collect Disorderly Conduct Fines

OSWEGO, NY – Those who use a less than traditional restroom when nature calls may soon help create a revenue stream for the city.

At its meeting Monday night, the Planning and Development Committee gave a favorable recommendation to City Attorney Gay Williams’ request to authorize the city clerk to schedule, advertise and hold a public hearing on the proposed amendments adding Chapter 242, Trespassing and Public Urinating and Defecating Ordinance to the Code of the City of Oswego.

The chapter would include: sections 242-1 (Title: Purpose) 242-2 (Prohibition) and 242-3 (penalties for offenses).

“We have cases in City Court brought against people for public urination under the state disorderly conduct statue,” Williams explained. “Because it’s brought that way, the funds go to the state. There are some municipalities that have their own ordinance prohibiting this kind of activity. That way, they keep the funds.”

The fines would be not less than $100 or greater than $250 and/or imprisonment for no more than 15 days, or both.

The public hearing would be set for 7:10 p.m. Aug. 10 in the Council Chambers.