City Considers Possible Tweaks For Winter Parking Policy

OSWEGO, NY – While the new alternate side parking restrictions aren’t perfect, Oswego councilors admit, they say it could be better – with the public’s help.

Late last year, the Oswego Common Council voted unanimously to amend the winter parking restrictions that had been in place for many years.

They authorized the mayor to impose alternate side parking restrictions from 1 to 6 a.m. on city streets, at his discretion, when weather conditions warranted.

“During the past week we’ve all had our share of snow and snow frustrations,” Council President Ron Kaplewicz said at Monday’s council meeting.

He encouraged city residents to keep their sidewalks and crosswalk areas clear.

The west side downtown area is now excluded from the alternate side parking restrictions, he pointed out.

The alternate side parking caused considerable difficulty in allowing DPW crews to keep the immediate downtown streets clear of snow and it created difficulties for downtown merchants, Mayor Tom Gillen said last week in explaining his decision.

As of February 8, there is no overnight parking allowed on West First Street and West Second Street from West Oneida Street to West Seneca Street. The parking ban on those streets will be from 1 to 6 a.m. only, and until further notice from the Mayor’s Office, Gillen said.

“I know there’s frustrations related to the alternate parking situation. We are, as a council, DPW and mayor going to do due diligence on this. It is a work in progress,” Kaplewicz said. “There’s been an awful lot of frustrations in dealing with some of the snow and the consequences of the alternate parking ban.”

The councilors are looking at the situation and “will make whatever changes we need to make,” he continued.

“I’d just like to encourage people, that if they know a snowstorm is coming, even though the mayor may or may not have declared an emergency, to get their vehicles off the street,” Councilor Fran Enwright said. “It would be very helpful.”

There are some people who legitimately don’t have any place to pit their cars, Enwright said following the meeting.

“And that’s what (the council) tried to take care of,” DPW Commissioner Mike Smith said.

“We’ve got to work together,” Enwright said. “We’re looking at a modification … make it a little bit easier.”

Smith said everyone should get together and talk about how things have gone so far and what changes may need to be implemented in certain areas.

“We have to get the public to help us,” he added.

“We can’t do everything,” Enwright agreed. “The public needs to be a part of the solution.”

For more information, call the Mayor’s Office at 342-8136 or the Oswego Police Department at 342-8120.