City Looks To Close Sheldon Beach During Harborfest

OSWEGO, NY – At tonight’s (July 7) Administrative Services Committee,

Tory DeCaire, police chief, is asking for authorization to close Sheldon Beach (North end of Sixth Avenue) during Harborfest.

The action is in response to the massive amount of junk and debris left behind following a raucous unauthorized party in the area during last year’s Harborfest celebration.

The area will be closed from 7 a.m. July 24, through July 28 at 7 a.m., according to the chief.

On July 26 (the night of the fireworks), at 7 p.m., the Police Department will allow access only for viewing of the fireworks and will close the site at the conclusion of the fireworks until Monday morning.

The request was first broached at the committee level last month.

“The amount of garbage that was left down there last year was awful. There were couches, chairs – everything; they completely trashed that beach. They had to actually call the DPW and private people to come down there. It was weeks before the (garbage) was all out of the water,” said Councilor Michael Todd.

At one point, there had to be 500 to 600 kids down there, he added.


  1. I agree that there were way too many people there and that they should of all cleaned up after thenselves. But if Oswego decides to start closing everything down canceling bridge street run even wanting to limit harborfest, there will be nothing left in Oswego for tourism, and it will become a dead town. I hope all city officials realize that soon before it’s too late.

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