City Of Fulton All-Night Parking Ban Starts Nov. 1

FULTON, NY – Please take notice that a parking ban takes effect for the city of Fulton on November 1.

The city ordinance prohibits the parking of any motor vehicle in/on any city street or city parking lot from 1:30 through 5:30 a.m. from November 1 to April 1.

The penalty for a violation of the all-night parking ban is $15.

Unpaid fines double every 10 days.

Vehicles may also be towed.

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  1. Silly to start this on Nov 1. Records indicate there are on average only four days in November when there is at least an inch on the ground in CNY. Atop this, the average date for the first accumulation of an inch is Nov 20. This is simply a $ maker for the city. Personally, if I were ticketed or towed, I’d fight it in court. An ordinance has to be in place for a reason. If there isn’t snow on the ground or too little to warrant road maintenance, then the ordinance is null.

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