City of Fulton Police Department Reports 2009 “Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest.” Crackdown

The City of Fulton Police Department in coordination with Oswego County STOP DWI today announced their intentions to participate in The national Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest. crackdown that launches on August 21 and includes the use of sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols, especially during high-risk nighttime hours.

The upcoming campaign runs through the Labor Day weekend and City of Fulton Police officers will be out in full force to help get more impaired drivers off local roadways.”

Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 grams per deciliter or higher is illegal in all 50 states. Yet in 2007 alone, nearly 13,000 people were killed in U.S. motor vehicle crashes that involved a driver or motorcycle rider with a BAC of .08 g/dL or higher, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

It’s clear that too many people still don’t understand that impaired driving is no accident — nor is it a victimless crime. So our message to motorists is simple and unwavering: if you get caught driving while impaired, you will be arrested. No exceptions.

For more information on the national crackdown, visit the High-Visibility Enforcement Campaign Headquarters at