City of Fulton Sells a Home and Some Land

Fulton lawmakers have approved selling a home and two other pieces of property.

They approved selling a two-family home at 363 S. 5th St. to James Guilfoyle.  The home was renovated as part of Mayor Ron Woodward’s program of fixing up homes seized for failing to pay back taxes.  The homes are then sold at a market rate instead of being sold for the back taxes at a public auction.

Normally, the homes are converted back to single-family homes, but in this case, the home was too large.  Woodward said Guilfoyle will live in one of the apartments.

The home was sold for $55,000.

Lawmakers also approved selling 617 1/2 Ontario St. for $1,000.  Woodward said the property is landlocked and would be of interest only to the landowners on either side of the property.

The county’s real property database reports that the property is a 100′ by 33′ lot with a 650 square foot cottage-style home on it.

“If we don’t (sell this), someday we’ll be taking bids to tear it down,” said Woodward.

The city also agreed to sell 4 W. Sixth St. for $300 to Martin Davis.  The property is actually a paper street, Woodward said.  Adjacent property owners own the street but can’t build on it or fence it until the city gives up title to the property.

More than likely, the city sold the property years ago but the new owner never recorded the deed.  That leaves the city as the property’s owner, Woodward said.

The $300 price will cover the city’s cost of filing the deed.