City of Fulton Taking Another Property For Rehab

There’s yet one more home for the city of Fulton’s new program of rehabbing homes and selling them at market rates.

Aldermen Tuesday night agreed to accept a home at 423 Erie St. from the Oswego County Department of Social Services.  Social Services received the home from the Florence McEwen estate in July, 2006, according to the deed filed for the property transfer.

Mayor Ronald Woodward said that the home had, at some point in the past, been turned into a two-family home.  Under the city’s zoning laws, a two-family home in certain neighborhoods that remains vacant for a year or more must revert to a single-family home.  He said that under those conditions, Social Services didn’t want the home and was willing to turn it over to the city.

“We’ll take it,” Woodward said.

The city has begun a program of fixing up some of the homes that it owns through tax foreclosures, using a mix of city employees and contractors to do the work.  Those homes are then sold through a real estate agent at market rates.  The plan is intended to generate a profit on each home sale, with some or all of the profits being plowed back into a fund to fix up and sell more homes.  The first home rehabbed under this project is due to be completed this week, with five homes scheduled for completion this year.

The city paid $180 for 423 Erie St., the amount needed to file documents transferring the title of the property to the city.