City of Fulton to Host Next Info Session on Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan

FULTON, NY – The City of Fulton announced today that on Thursday, Nov. 29 at 6 p.m. the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan Committee will host its third public information session. The info session will be held at City Hall. This session will focus on proposed uses and projects that will be included in the city’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP).

The LWRP consists of 7 sections and includes land and water use policies that will shape the future of the city’s waterfront development. The plan is being designed in concert with state and federal policies and in conjunction with the NYS Department of State which helps communities like Fulton in its development of LWRPs. Many communities such as Oswego and Clay have LWRPs but even smaller communities such as Union Springs in Cayuga County and the Village of Sodus Point in Wayne County have undertaken this planning task. Each of these communities has inland waterways with potential for development or redevelopment and each community’s goals vary.

The three main goals for Fulton’s LWRP are to: 1.) increase public awareness, appreciation and use of the city’s waterfront areas through education and destination development; 2.) stimulate economic development by strengthening links between the city’s downtown and waterfront areas; 3.) ensure that new construction is concentrated in and compatible with existing development patterns and policies.

Having an LWRP in place will help the city to qualify for future grant dollars. In fact, the city’s commitment to completing the LWRP helped Fulton secure state grant funding for the feasibility study for the trails. Based on estimates provided in the trail study, the city applied for a construction grant that, if awarded, will assist in implementing some of the recommendations including improving accessibility of Pathfinder Canal Towpath Trail and enhancing the Canalview Bridge Walk.

On Thursday, the public info session will focus on two draft sections of the plan, sections 3 and 4 – local policies, and proposed uses and projects. The sections were developed with input from city officials, volunteer organizations, past planning studies, and community residents who attended previous public outreach meetings. Following the public info session, the draft sections will be made available on the City of Fulton’s Community Development Agency’s website. People are welcome to submit feedback of these two sections which will be considered by the committee and the city.

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  1. Might be nice for boaters to have a place to stop on the river near town. Last time I traveled thru the Fulton lock system on a yacht there was no place to tie up near downtown.

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