City of Oswego Awarded $732,250 in 2015 Regional Economic Development Council Consolidated Funding Application Process

OSWEGO — The city of Oswego Community Development Office submitted two applications for consideration in the 2015 Regional Economic Development Council Consolidated Funding Application round.

The two projects awarded are the City of Oswego Waterfront Feasibility Study, and the other was the West Side Wastewater Sewer Rehab project.

The city of Oswego was awarded $132,250 through the CFA process from the Department of State’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Program to engage in a Waterfront Feasibility Study to assess the economic and development opportunities driven by market analysis for city-owned properties within the waterfront area to advance the preparation of strategies for community and waterfront revitalization.

The city of Oswego was awarded $600,000 through the CFA process from the Office of Community Renewal’s Community Development Block Grant Program as part of a co-funding initiative with the Environmental Facilities Corporation to rehabilitate Area 2 of the West Side Wastewater Sewer as part of the ongoing consent decree order.

“The waterfront feasibility study will provide the city of Oswego with a tool that identifies the highest and best economic and development use for city-owned properties within the waterfront area to prepare an action plan and strategy to create a waterfront corridor that will not only enhance the city of Oswego but also have a regional impact into the CNY area,” said Justin Rudgick, community development director. “I am very excited about this opportunity because it will pave the way to transform the city of Oswego into a destination capitalizing on the city’s natural and beautiful asset – the waterfront along Lake Ontario and Oswego River.”

The $600,000 award from the NYS CDBG program for the Area 2 West Side Wastewater Sewer rehab project will help lessen the financial burden that the city of Oswego needs to endure in order to comply with the Consent Decree Order, Rudgick added.

Mayor Tom Gillen said, “The city of Oswego is truly a great city, and is on the cusp of revitalization with the foundation being laid.  These two awards will continue to help the city to build upon the foundation.”

Mayor Elect Barlow said, “I thank director Rudgick for his hard work on these projects and look forward to continuing to work together and apply this to economic development opportunities and waterfront enhancement. I campaigned on those two platforms and will work to ensure progress in those two areas over the next four years and we are clearly off to a phenomenal start.”


  1. How ironic the 500 million one time awarded to CNY and Oswego County will be losing 500 million every year when the Fitz Plant closed next year. Not even close to a wash!

  2. 600K to go towards the total the city will have to pay to make required repairs and upgrades that should have been taken care of over a period of years, but the city put off all possible maintenance. Consent Decree is because the city got caught and the plant no longer meets standards. Taxpayers will need to pay the balance. Oh, and $132K for another study.

  3. Mr. Rudgick,

    Why don’t you just go into the file cabinet and pull out a past former economic waterfront study? This is a waste of money. It has been done in the past and the City leaders choose to develop wrongly. Build a park along the waterway and they will come. Bull Sh_t.

  4. Our roads are crumbling around us and the leadership of this city is concerned about the waterfront? How in the heck are you suppose to get to the waterfront. What about flatrock that the port authority blocked off? Why are we in the marina business? Getting tired of subsidiesing boaters. Two marinas and low rent on the Mcrobie building. Also low rent on the yacht club. Sell all them. How’s that for a waterfront enhancement????????

  5. Why are our water and sewer bills going up when a good portion of this money is for the west side waste water sewer rehab is scheduled to get the extra $$$$$$$$$$$? You mean 888.00a year from property owners still isn’t enough???????? The good ole South is looking much more Sunny all the time!!!!!!!!!!

  6. All this increase in water/sewer bills is just basically another tax! I suggest to find out who votes for these increases and remember next election day who they are!

  7. Maybe if there is no one in Oswego left to tax, then the politicians will have to pay these taxes and fees themselves. You are driving people out of here. The public is honestly thinking retirement and departure. Think before you act

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