City Of Oswego Community Development Office Announces Affordable Housing Corporation Grant

OSWEGO, NY – The New York State Homes and Community Renewal Office of Community Renewal has announced that the city of Oswego has been awarded a $400,000 grant from the Affordable Housing Corporation.

The city will receive the maximum amount available to a small city to rehabilitate 18 units of existing housing in Oswego.

The Housing Rehabilitation Program will interview applicants to determine eligibility.

Projects will maximize the use of weatherization and energy conservation programs to bring the most effective projects together to improve local homes.

Mary Vanouse, Community Development Director, said, “Although the city of Oswego has provided more than 1,000 owners with assistance to address the high cost of rehabilitating a home, the city is glad to find a new resource in AHC to assist our local families to fix up their homes, improving the Quality of Life of Oswego’s homeowners.”

Kathy Miano, Housing Administrator for the city of Oswego, said, “I hope people will call to get their applications in to us.  There is always a great need for this type of assistance to fix roofs, plumbing, heating and the basic infrastructure of Oswego’s owner occupied homes.”

Homeowners must have fire or homeowners insurance and all tax bills must be paid in order to participate.

For more information Homeowners should call 343-3452 to get an application for the Oswego Housing Rehab Program.