Service Restored – City of Oswego Water Outage Ends

City of Oswego Water Restored
The water supply to the City of Oswego has been restored as of 3:30 p.m. today (May 29).
National Grid was able to identify the power issue that caused an outage to the City of Oswego water treatment facility, as well as parts of SUNY Oswego and the NRG steam station.
Oswego city officials were notified of the water outage at about 1:30 p.m., which affected the water infastructure in most parts of the City of Oswego.
The Oswego Fire Department activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and secured mutual aid water tankers from the Palermo and Granby volunteer fire departments.
Oswego’s fire engines carry 1,000 gallons of water, and these tankers from the mutual aid companies were on hand to augment the available water supply in case of a fire.
The 911 center issued a hypertext message to all city of Oswego residents to assist in the communications process.
Officials have confirmed that the water supply is safe, and back to normal operations.
No injuries or major incidents were reported.
Special thanks to the Palermo VFD, Granby VFD, the Oswego County Fire Coordinator’s Office, Menter Ambulance, National Grid, and all of the City of Oswego Departments that assisted during the outage.
The City of Oswego is currently experiencing a water outage due to a power failure at the water treatment plant.
Residents are encouraged to conserve water until further notice.
National Grid is working to correct the issue at this time.
This water outage affects residential supply, as well as fire hydrants.
Although we believe the problem will be corrected soon, emergency crews are preparing to get water from other sources outside the city.
We will have another update when more information is available.


  1. $222 every 3 months for your “quality of life” water Oswego! Getting your money’s worth?

  2. The City of Oswego handled this outtage effectively, in my opinion. We were notified of the problem, utilizing the new 911 system, which I thought was a great test run in case we need it for something a LOT more serious than water outtage(s).

    Last month we had an irregularity that the community was NOT made privy to (privy was meant as a double entendre, btw), and that annoyed me. THIS time it was handled efficiently and well. Except for going out to buy 10 bottles of water, what were we out of??? :0) And now, we’re ready if we need it (until those bottles expire ha ha).

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