City of Oswego Launches Free Life Jacket Loaner Program

OSWEGO, NY – The city of Oswego announces it has launched its Life Jacket Loaner Program, which offers free daily rental of United States Coast Guard-approved Type III life jackets in children, youth and adult sizes.

All 70 life jackets for the loaner program were donated by the Pauldine family of Oswego.

“Our brother John drowned on the east bank of the Oswego River near the Port of Oswego dock when he was just 21 years old,” said Anthony Pauldine, spokesman for the family at a recent council meeting. “When our family heard that the City was developing the loaner program, we thought this would be a productive way to mark the 40th anniversary of his passing. We also hope that people will take advantage of this free rental opportunity to be safe on the water and ‘wear it.’”

The five surviving Pauldine family members and current Oswego residents who donated to the loaner program include Mary Plummer, Ralph Pauldine, Joseph Pauldine, Anthony Pauldine, James Pauldine and Michael Pauldine.

The Pauldine family presented its donation check to the Common Council on June 11.

The Wear It! Oswego water safety campaign spurred the Life Jacket Loaner Program.

“We researched similar programs throughout the country, and are very excited to work with the city of Oswego to make the Life Jacket Loaner Program a reality. It is great that Oswego residents and tourists alike will have the opportunity to be safe on local waterways thanks to this free Life Jacket Loaner Program,” said Joanne Walsh of Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners, a Wear It! Oswego campaign collaborator.

How It Works

Life jackets are now available for rental daily at the Wright’s Landing Marina, conveniently located at the intersection of the New York State canal system and Lake Ontario.

In order to be loaned a life jacket, borrowers must sign a waiver form and leave a valid driver’s license.

Each borrower is required to sign the waiver form (except children under the age of 18, who require permission and signature of a parent or legal guardian).

Borrowed life jackets must be returned by the end of each day to the same location at Wright’s Landing Marina.

Hours at Wright’s Landing Marina when the Life Jacket Loaner Program operate are as follows:

May 1 through September 30, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.

October 1 through November 30, upon request only (potential borrowers will need to call the city of Oswego Fire Department at 315-343-2161 in order to be loaned a life jacket)

For additional information contact the fire department at 315-343-2161or Wright’s Landing Marina at 315-342-8186.

Excluded from the Life Jacket Loaner Program are passengers and crew of commercial ships as well as chartered fishing boats that arrive/depart from Oswego.

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  1. Love to see this. We teach Southern Nevada Boating & Water Safety to elementary children and have reached over 60,000. Just had a tragedy @ a Lake Mead Marina where a toddler was found missing on the dock & was found underwater. This is so preventable!!!

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