City of Oswego Wins Big in REDC Grant Awards

OSWEGO – The city of Oswego won just shy of $1 million in State funding for several key projects from the New York State Regional Economic Development Council awards today (Dec. 8).

The award includes a $245,077 grant for the installation of the Seneca Street Neighborhood Bikeway project, $68,000 to conduct a feasibility study for developing a multipurpose athletic center, $590,000 for Westside Waterfront improvements and $40,000 to develop a strategy to implement public art throughout Downtown Oswego as the city works to allocate the already awarded $10 million in Downtown Revitalization funding from earlier this year.

“I am so excited to be awarded even more funding from New York State to help us execute the vision we all have for the city of Oswego. This funding will only add to the significant amount of momentum we currently have as a community and will expedite our ability to develop along our west side river walk, add diversity and interest to our downtown, further progress our neighborhoods and work to provide new attractions for visitors and residents alike in the form of a multi-purpose athletic center,”Mayor Billy Barlow said. “2016 will forever be an unforgettable year for the city of Oswego as we laid out a vision and perfectly executed what we needed to as we identified key projects and captured critical funding to turn our vision into a reality. It is truly a team effort and I couldn’t be more proud of the team here at City Hall as we slowly turn Oswego into a modern upstate New York destination.”

City of Oswego Zoning and Planning Director Amy Birdsall said, “All of the investments that the CNY REDC awarded Oswego today, are evidence of the city’s positive momentum and exemplary leadership under Mayor Barlow. The award for the Seneca Street Neighborhood Bikeway Project will provide the critical funding for the implementation of an initial component of the 104 Complete Streets Plan. The project will transform the street into a pedestrian and bicycle friendly corridor that will enhance the connections between SUNY Oswego, the Historic West Side neighborhoods, Downtown, and the West Side Linear Park. An Arts and Cultural Master Plan will provide the solid foundation for a cohesive strategy of creative expression to be infused into the city of Oswego’s downtown revitalization.”

Justin Rudgick, Community Development Director added, “I am really pleased with the results of the funding awards for the city of Oswego. The awarded projects will continue to fuel the momentum and revitalization efforts spearheaded under the leadership of Mayor Barlow, and I am proud to serve in his administration. The projects provided a comprehensive approach to transitioning the ongoing planning initiatives through waterfront development, downtown revitalization, and enhancing the overall quality of life into real projects that will be under construction in 2017.”


  1. Just finished reading the article. Another grant go around that the city of Fulton missed out in. Reasons why are unknown but if the State and Federal govt. keep by passing the City of Fulton with grants I think they are trying to tell us something. We are a nice community with people working hard to keep our heads above water but, that is all we are now is a community(Village). In the work place if after not receiving a paycheck two months in a row it’s not a mistake. You have been let go. Wake up. You should have known that when you stopped getting mail in your inbox. We needed money for the development of the Nestles’ site. Did we get it NO. We need money for our infrastructure. Did we get it NO. We lost our revenue from the county. Did the county care. NO. They say the money going into the City of Oswego is good for the region. That is what they said when I asked why the Inland Port was going to Onondaga County and not just south of the City of Fulton by the Cayuga College complex. WAKE FULTON we are trying to SWIM up STREAM with our legs tied together. ALDI’s is going to be nice but it’s not a Hail Mary pass that is going to save us. Selling off vacant city owned property is NICE and it will help but again it isn’t a half court shot that wins the game. Both of these issues will help make us a GREAT Village but the State has more or less stopped our paychecks. Now I know someone will say “There goes Castiglia being NEGATIVE again”. No it’s called being a REALIST. Don’t throw in the TOWEL but WAKE up to the FACT that we are in a LEAGUE that is over our HEADS. Time to change LEAGUES and start winning again. If we were getting these GRANTS and INDUSTRY was coming INTO the CITY I’d SAT GREAT we are back in the game and we will be GREAT again. But we didn’t and they aren’t.

  2. How absolutely it getting the street lights turn on, lowering the sewer tax by paying off the 80 million we owe and correcting accessibility for handicapped people by having more parking downtown.

  3. well, actually more people than that ride, and more will ride if the city becomes bike friendly … it’s also a good alternative to driving a car everywhere, cars being major contributors to the environmental problem … young people understand the dangers of climate change, the damage the internal combustion engine does to our planet, even if older, angrier, Trumpier people cling to their fossil fuel company/right wing news manufactured beliefs

  4. Why not get a grant to take care of the water and sewer rates. Lower them would be a good thing for the city of Oswego. Not another bike trail in the middle of the city

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