City Officials Ask Residents To Not Block Streets

OSWEGO, NY – The recent snowfall and narrowing of some streets has made it difficult and challenging to get DPW Equipment as well as fire apparatus through some streets, city officials report.

DPW Commissioner Michael Smith, Police Chief Tory Decaire and Fire Chief Jeffrey McCrobie urge residents whenever possible not to park directly opposite other vehicles on these streets.

When cars are parked like this it sometimes makes these roads impassable for these large vehicles.

Residents are encouraged to use off street parking when and where available.

If cars are parked in such a way to obstruct traffic they run the risk of being ticketed and towed.

Your cooperation is appreciated, the department heads said.


  1. Pretty sad state of affairs when the “City Fathers” scrap a perfectly good parking ban, adopting instead a resurrected “alternate side parking” ordinance, then look the other way while the departments that have to deal with their foul up have to beg to the public in order to perform their jobs… Pathetic.

  2. It is a easy fix – go back to the over night paking ban. Or does the city wait untill somebody dies because emerancy services could not get to a location because of narrow streets? The odd-even was a bad idea right from the start, NOW is the time to fix it. The landlords should be providing enough parking for their properties without using city streets.

  3. This is a clear case of “If in ain’t broke, don”t fix it.” It is also a clear case of putting the interests of a few connected people ahead of the general public. But that is standard operating procedure for the City of Oswego. The first commenter got it right – Pathetic.

  4. I own rental properties on both W7th St. and W Mohawk St. I am tired of hearing complaints about the odd/even parking and landlords. There are cities I know much larger than Oswego that have used odd/even parking for years so must not have the complaints Oswego gets. Is it maybe because they do it 24 hrs a day instead of only between 1 and 5 so there is more room on the streets for traffic during the busy hours? My tenants at both bldgs. park in their driveways. THEY have problems getting in and out because both sides of the street are lined with cars parked by hospital employees for 8 hrs at a time. Plows can not even get through to plow during the daytime hrs. Not all students or tenants are bad and I get so tired of Oswego residents constantly complain ing about them. Where would this city be without the college???? You think taxes are bad now???? Get a grip and do something productive! This is 2014 and more than 1 person in a family usually work and students need cars to get to their student teaching assignments etc. Oswego is an old city with big houses and small driveways……people need a place to park their cars and muddy grass is not the answer.

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