City Seals Agreement To Review Code Compliance At New DPW Site

FULTON, NY – The city of Fulton is taking its first steps to make necessary renovations at the new home of the Department of Public Works.

Tuesday evening, the Fulton Common Council agreed to enter an engineering agreement with Barton & Loguidice to perform a comprehensive review of the new DPW garage to identify any code deficiencies that may exist at the site.

“The insurance company will pay up to $1 million to do code updates,” said Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr.

Before any upgrades will be covered, Woodward said the city is required to conduct the assessment of the building and develop specs and pricing for the work. The proposed conversion of the facility will be required to comply with the Building Code of New York State and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The city’s original DPW garage was destroyed in January when the roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. For several months, the city has leased space for the DPW at the Riverview Business Park.

The city signed a purchase offer for the building and property located at 17 Edgarton Street in May. The council also agreed buy an additional three acres of land that adjoins the property.

In July, the city agreed to fund the purchase at a maximum estimated cost of $1,143,653. The city‘s expenditure will total $943,653. The council agreed to finance the balance of the purchase through the issuance of $200,000 in bond anticipation notes. A separate bond resolution was approved in the amount of $150,000 for the additional property.

Woodward explained at the time that the city’s cost for the building will be approximately $875,000. The remaining amount will be used for renovations to the building and the site, which will be reimbursed at a rate of 85 percent by the city’s insurance company.

Costs for the renovations have to be submitted as each section is complete, he said. To receive money for the renovations, the city will have to front the funding.

The assessment agreement with Barton & Loguidice came with a $9,900 price tag.

“That is covered,” Woodward said. “The insurance company is on board.

“I think we have the best (price) we can get,” he added.

During public comment, resident Mark Aldasch asked Woodward if the roof over the new facility is flat.

“No,” Woodward said. “But neither was the other one.”

Without comment, the council approved the agreement 5-0. First Ward Alderman Tom Kenyon was not present for the vote. Woodward noted that the current tenant is slated to be out of the building by the end of October.

The additional space will eventually accommodate the city’s sewer department, as well, which will be transferred from its existing site to the new DPW location. The former site will be sold.