City To Explore Creating A Microgrid

OSWEGO, NY – At this week’s Common Council meeting, the city opted to consider the possibility of creating a microgrid.

NYSERDA has issued an invitation to New York State communities to help reduce costs, promote clean energy and build reliability through investigating the creation of microgrids, a stand-alone energy system that can operate independently in the event of a power outage.

Microgrids are a good idea, according to First Ward Councilor Fran Enwright. In the event of an emergency such as a in ice storm or wind storm  that disrupts power, the independent microgrid would be able to provide power to places like the hospital and water plant, he explained.

NYSERDA is offering up to 100 percent funding of up to $100,000 for a stage one feasibility assessment with NY Prize proposals being accepted until May 15.

NRG, SUNY Oswego, Oswego Health, National Grid and the Metropolitian Water Board have expressed an interest in exploring the creation of an Oswego Micro Grid.

Councilors OK’d applying in collaboration with the other entities and any others who may be interested and authorized the mayor  to sign all documents to submit the city’s proposal.

The council authorized a public hearing – regarding proposed Local Law No. 4 of the Year 2015 – a local law amending Section C2-01 of the Charter of the city of Oswego with respect to city officers and employees. The public hearing will be held on May 11 at 7:10 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 13 W. Oneida St.

Use of public space was approved for:

– Anne Backer, owner of Taste of the World at Canal Commons, in order to close West First Street between West Bridge and Oneida streets on Sunday afternoons during the months of May through July for the “Mugs and Motors” community car show. Councilors also granted exception from the Peddling and Soliciting Ordinance for the Port City Co-op flea market, which will take place during the Mugs and Motors community car show on West First Street this summer.

– Veterans’ Council of Oswego to host its annual Memorial Day
ceremony on May 25. They also received permission to use the city bandstand.

– 207, 209, 210, 212, 215, 217 and 219 E. Seventh St. for the installation of sidewalk level lamp posts and also a curb garden at 207 E. Seventh St. The homeowners shall be resposnible for the electrial power to the lamps and their maintenance.

They also granted permission to the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce to use Veterans’ Memorial Park for its summer concert series to be held on Friday evenings during the months of June through August.

A variance of the Noise Ordinance was granted to Nicholas Sereno, owner of Lighthouse Lanes, 295 E. Albany St., in order to host its annual “Super Summer Concert Series.”

The city approved an amusement license for the 2015 racing events at the Oswego Speedway.

The mayor was authorized to sign:

– Change Order No. 3 with Patricia Electric for project modifications to the West Side EFMF and Pump Station Upgrade Project

– Change Order No. 5 with C.O. Falter Construction Corporation for project modifications to the West Side EFMF and Pump Station Upgrade Project

– Amendment No. 5 with GHD Consulting Engineers for modifications to the professional services agreement regarding quarterly reports

The council also approved a two-year extension of agreement with Larry’s Oswego Salmon Shop for fish cleaning services at Wright’s Landing.

The mayor was authorized to enter into an ambulance rental agreement with North Eastern Rescue Vehicles. The vote was  4 – 3.  Voting yes were councilors Enwright, Mike Todd, Eric VanBuren and Ron Kaplewicz. Voting no were councilors Pat McLaughlin, Shawn Walker and Bill Barlow.

The purchasing agent was authorized to purchase a single tilt motor backhoe for use by the Department of Public Works.

He was also authorized to seek bids for a pedestrian activated traffic signal to be located on East First Street at the Harbor Rail Trail Crossing.

Councilors approved a transfer of funds from within the Department of Public Works accounts. $5,000 from Central Garage Materials & Supplies Account A5132.0410, into Central Garage Personal Services Overtime Account A5132.0102, and
$10,000 from Snow Removal Material & Supplies Account A5142.0410, into Street Cleaning Personal Services Overtime Account A8170.0102, and
$5,000 from Snow Removal Materials & Supplies Account A5142.0410, into Shade Trees & Parks personal Services Overtime Account A8560.0102, and
$3,000 from Transmission & Distribution Materials & Supplies Account F8340.0410, into Transmission & Distribution personal Services Overtime Account F8340.0102 and
$5,000 from Sanitary Sewers Equipment Account G8120.0200 into Sanitary Sewers Personal Services Overtime Account G8120.0102.

Approved attendance at the New York State DEC Pesticide License Course to be held May 7 in Syracuse, request of Mike Smith, commissioner of Public Works.

Approved attendance at the APA Northeast Planning Conference to be held June 24-26 in Saratoga Springs, request of Amy Birdsall, Planning and Zoning director.

The mayor was authorized to execute all necessary documents for the sale of a portion of the paper street known as Church Street, which lies Between Maple Street on the west and Elm Street on the east.

The City Clerk was authorized to accept the major hauler application from Feher Rubbish Removal of Syracuse.

The company paid the $500 fee for the year 2015.

The city accepted a donation of $3,000 from the Richard Shineman Foundation to support Project Bloom.