City To Have New Personnel Director In November

OSWEGO, NY – The city will replace its current personnel director with its previous one.

The common council voted 4-2-1 Monday night to approve M. Rita Tickle as the Port City’s new personnel director in early November.

Nancy Sterio is currently the city’s personnel director.

Her term expires in early November.

Connie Cosemento (D-First Ward), Sue Sweet (R-Third Ward), Shawn Walker (R-Fourth Ward), and Bill Sharkey (R-Sixth Ward) voted in favor of the move.

Council President Dan Donovan (R-Fifth Ward) and Mike Joyce (R-Seventh Ward) opposed the resolution.

Councilor Mike Myers (R-Second Ward) was absent.

The position is a mayoral appointment that needs approval of the common council, Mayor Randy Bateman explained following the regular meeting.

Tickle will begin a six-year term as city personnel director as of Nov. 6, the mayor said.

“The appointment is over. The term is up. I plan on going in a different direction,” the mayor said regarding Sterio’s tenure.

Tickle was appointed personnel director in 1988 by then-Mayor John T. Sullivan.

In 1994, she was reappointed by then-mayor Terrence Hammill to a second six-year term.

In August 2000, she was terminated by then-mayor John Gosek. Her last day was Sept. 12.

Sullivan and Hammill are Democrats; Gosek is a Republican.

Mayor Randy Bateman, left, presents DPW Commissioner Dick Bateman a certificate of appreciation.
Mayor Randy Bateman, left, presents DPW Commissioner Dick Bateman a certificate of appreciation.

Earlier in Monday night’s meeting, the mayor presented Dick Bateman, DPW commissioner with some parting gifts for his journey south.

“In recognition of his many years of services as Department of Public Works commissioner, we wish him the very best in his new endeavors,” the mayor said. “And, we have some parting gifts for him.”

The commissioner was presented with a certificate of appreciation for his service to the city. The mayor also bestowed some “gifts” on the out-going department head.

The gifts included safety glasses – tinted, bug spray “because it’s buggy,” and some pain relief patches he can apply to his body after a hard day’s work.

On Oct. 1, the commissioner will head to North Carolina where he will build houses with his son-in-law.

He was appointed DPW commissioner in January 2000.

Prior to that, he had been employed as a city police officer for 20 years.

The mayor will appoint a new DPW commissioner.

Until he makes a decision, the building and street maintenance supervisor take the reins as acting DPW commissioner as of Oct. 1.