City Works To Upgrade Its Sidewalks

OSWEGO, NY – Recently, a physically challenged city resident complained to city councilors about the condition of certain areas of sidewalks in the Port City.

“I can’t get up on the sidewalk in some places and I have to go out in the road,” the woman who uses a wheelchair told members of the Physical Services Committee.

Crews work to repair a section of broken sidewalk on the westside last week.She informed the committee of various areas where the sidewalks weren’t handicap accessible.

She said the DPW did accommodate her earlier, getting some of the most important ones she needed done.

“It’s not just the curbs,” she pointed out. “It’s the entire sidewalks in many places, too.

“The city is getting ready to start sidewalk work for the year,” Councilor Connie Cosemento, chair, noted.

The DPW commissioner would check the areas she noted and put them on the list, Cosemento said.

Dick Bateman, DPW commissioner, said the department responds as quickly as possible to the concerns of city residents.

“We are currently doing regular maintenance in the wards. If we get to any intersections and crosswalks that need repairs we’ve been getting to those,” he explained. “We do what work is requested by the councilors, or if we see something that is dangerous we’ll take care of that.”