Cleanup of Former Fulton Mall Property to Resume

The cleanup of pollution at the former Fulton Mall site on the city’s north side can resume, now that city lawmakers have approved an increase in the cost of the work.

Lawmakers this week authorized the Mayor to sign a change order increasing the cost of the work at the site from $85,000 to $130,000.  All of the cost of the project will be paid by state or federal grants.

Mayor Ron Woodward explained that the company that got the contract to clean up the site for $85,000 was bought by another company.  That firm, AECOM, said it could complete the project, but not for $85,000.  The company requested the full amount of the state and federal cleanup grant, $130,000.

The grant was obtained by the city during the Mayoral tenure of Daryl Hayden, now a member of the Common Council.

The work will be completed this summer, Woodward said.  The city will then put the property on the market for an interested commercial developer.

The land in question sits along Route 481, just south of Mimi’s Drive-In.  A large industrial building on the property burned to the ground in a fire that was eventually called arson.  The building’s last use was as a kind of shopping mall.