Closing Date Set For Loretto Oswego

Loretto Oswego, photo courtesy of Loretto.
Loretto Oswego, photo courtesy of Loretto.

For months, employees at Loretto’s Oswego nursing home knew that they would eventually lose their jobs. Now, they know when that will happen.

Loretto announced Wednesday that the Oswego facility will close no later than June 25.

That will be the end of work at the home for 90 employees, who will not be transferred to similar jobs elsewhere within the company.  Loretto says those employees will get first preference for jobs as they occur.

The home housed up to 120 residents at its peak.  Just 40 people stay there now.

Loretto is closing the Oswego home as part of a shift away from large nursing homes.  It will build smaller homes that house up to 12 people in the northern part of Onondaga County.  At the time the Oswego closing was announced, Loretto said that there were too many nursing home beds in Central New York.