CNY Arts Center Gives Chance To Win $20,000

FULTON, NY – What would you do with $20,000? The CNY Arts Center wants you to discover the answer to that question in their upcoming “Cash Dash” drawing.

The Arts Center is currently offering Cash Dash tickets for $40 apiece, which may be bought by individuals, pairs, or multiples.

They plan to sell 1,000 tickets before drawing 10 winners at their second annual Arts Market on Sept. 15.

The Cash Dash will give community members the chance to donate to the development and growth of the CNY Arts Center, while also giving them 10 chances to win a substantial cash prize.

“We see this as a significant way to support the goal of CNY Arts Center to open a facility and provide arts programming for all arts and all ages,” said Kiley Casper, coordinator of the event. “The sale of 1,000 tickets will go a long way to meet our operational needs and establish the center for all to enjoy while giving 10 lucky people a chance to receive some early holiday shopping money!”

The Cash Dash drawing is designed to give ten opportunities to win, as winning tickets are resubmitted between drawings with the potential to win with every draw. This provides each ticketholder the ultimate chance of winning $20,000.

Tickets will be sold up until the 2 p.m. drawing held at the CNY Arts Center’s Arts Market in Fulton.

If less than 1,000 tickets have been sold by 2 p.m., Sept. 15, the prize percentages will remain the same, and amounts will be adjusted accordingly.

To purchase a Cash Dash ticket online, visit, or email CNY Arts Center’s Cash Dash Coordinator Kiley Casper at [email protected]

You may also purchase Cash Dash tickets at the Arts Market, provided there are any tickets still available by 2 p.m.

You do not need to attend the event to win.