CNY Arts Center places the Spotlight on Rhiannon Ellison

FULTON, NY – Because of a generous grant from the Shineman Foundation, the CNY Arts Center is spotlighting several terrifically talented kids who are making their mark in the performing arts already.

These are young people with exceptional gifts, have the dream and the desire to share their gifts enough to get onstage in front of an audience.

Rhiannon Ellison
Rhiannon Ellison

They each have high ambitions and simply love to perform.

It takes a lot of courage to perform before an audience at so young an age but we know the arts are good for children and that’s why we work hard to deliver a performing arts program for all children, all ages and all skill levels.

We discovered Rhiannon Ellison at our third Annual Arts Fest when she came all the way from East Syracuse to compete in our talent competition.

We heard her amazing voice and immediately invited her back and adopted her as our own.

She is 13 years old and in the eighth grade in the ESM school district.

She began acting and singing in the third grade when she was asked to perform in the high school production of “The Wizard of Oz.”

She has been performing ever since.

In fifth grade, she was in the drama club production of “Treasure Island” playing the part of Alan, and singing “Rich, Rich, Rich.”

In sixth grade, she was in the drama club production of “Don’t Rock the Boat,” playing the part of Honey Hotchkiss and singing “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best friend.”

In seventh grade, she appeared in two drama club productions. In the “Hunchback of Notre Dame,” she played the part of Diana and in “The Little Mermaid,” she sang in the chorus and had a couple of background parts.

Rhiannon enhances her performance techniques with vocal Lessons since she was in elementary school, dance lessons, focusing on tap and ballet and clarinet lessons to round out her ear for music and sight-reading skills.