Coalition Of Community Leaders Join Together To Fight For Upstate Energy Jobs

An estimated 2,000 to 2,500 supporters turned out for the rally.

OSWEGO, NY – A rapidly growing coalition of more than 60 Upstate New York elected representatives, business leaders, members of organized labor, economic development organizations and community leaders today (Jan. 7) sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo calling on the state to do whatever it takes to help protect energy jobs in Upstate New York.

The new coalition has been organized by the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency which is leading the fight to keep the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Scriba open.

“The potential closing of the FitzPatrick Nuclear plant will be devastating to the area and the fight to keep the plant open is our top priority, however this fight is about more than just one plant. The future of energy production in Upstate New York is at stake,” said County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency CEO L. Michael Treadwell. “We want to acknowledge the fact that Governor Cuomo has started to take steps to address this crucial issue, but with the legislative session about to begin in Albany, we need immediate action on a number of issues that are vital to protecting energy jobs in Upstate New York.”

Treadwell continued, “We are extremely pleased that such a broad-based, growing coalition has formed so quickly to rally around this issue. It represents just how important energy jobs are to the area and our coalition will continue to grow and be a loud, proactive voice in the months and years ahead.”

The Upstate Energy Jobs coalition is asking New York to: make changes to existing energy policy to ensure that nuclear power is appropriately recognized for its baseload capacity and reliable contribution to the state’s energy grid; incentivize nuclear power the same as other carbon-free energy sources as part of the state’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and, solve the congestion issues that have plagued New York’s electric transmission system for decades so power can get from where it is produced, to where it is consumed.

In the letter to the Governor, the Upstate Energy Jobs coalition notes that Upstate New York produces two-thirds of New York’s power supply, but only uses one-third of the state’s power.

The region has the ability and desire to produce the power New Yorkers need, but the future of energy generation in the area is in peril.

New York State needs New York power.

According to a 2015 report by the Brattle Group, Upstate New York’s four nuclear plants annually account for nearly 25,000 jobs, $3.16 billion GDP, $1.7 billion in electricity savings, $144 million in tax revenues, and 16 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided valued at $700 million – all for the benefit of New Yorkers.

The letter can be seen on the Upstate Energy Jobs website


  1. Approximately 80 percent of taxes collected in Oswego County goes to NYS to finance unfunded health and human service state run programs. That leaves Oswego County approximately 20 percent for local projects, infrastructure and day to day business. Now if we loose 600 jobs plus taxes from the closure of JAF the burden that will be placed on the taxpayer and our local economy will be incomprehensible. Governor Cuomo do what’s right For Oswego County cut a deal and keep Fitz on line.

  2. You need to remember that Governor Cuomo is anti-nuclear power and any pretense he makes at supporting the effort to keep JAF or any other nuclear plant open is just lip service,

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