Code Change Allows Fulton Taxi Company to Expand

FULTON, NY – A public hearing allowed a change to city code to permit the expansion of a Fulton based taxi company.

By amending the city code chapter entitled “Zoning,” city officials have opted to add taxi cab companies as permissible properties zoned commercial or manufacturing.

Fulton based taxi company, NuCab, purchased a piece of property zoned manufacturing with the intent of expanding their business.

The purchase brought to the attention of city officials that taxi companies were not supported in the city code to exist on properties zoned for manufacturing.

A public hearing was held on the matter where support was publicized in favor of the change.

“I think it’s great, we have a local individual that wants to expand their business,” Oswego County Legislator representing Fulton, Frank Castiglia Jr. said.

Along with expansions of other local businesses such as Menters Ambulance, growing businesses are good for the city, he added.

“It’s nothing but good things for the city of Fulton. I’m all in favor of it and I’d like to see more of it,” Castiglia said.

NuCab owner Whnata LoCastro recently purchased a privately owned four-acre property at the corner of Morrill Place and Phillips Street.

LoCastro intends on building a pole barn on the property to serve as the company’s main office and housing location for taxi cabs.

“It’s a great fit over there, we’re getting something on the tax rolls besides a piece of land. I’m all for it,” first ward councilor Tom Kenyon said.

The public hearing was closed and the resolution to amend city code was unanimously approved by all members of the Common Council.